It's been blog-world eons since I've been online regularly, and I feel the need to re-introduce my children, since the last time I posted any photos was mid-November. They are a-growin' like weeds and likely not as you remember them...

Meet Cameron.
The ultimate big brother. He's the best.
Favorite drink: spicy juice (pop) or whole milk
Prays everyday that Daddy can come home for lunch again.
Loves rockin' out/winding down to the Gaither Vocal Band.
Unhealthy obsession with the movie Cars and characters therein.
Imitates whatever he sees his Daddy do.
Can't wait to play baseball outside this spring.
Loves to help load the washing machine and cook in the kitchen.
Nicknamed Bubbaloo, Bubby, Cameronboy and Cam.

Meet Bennett.
Just about the happiest baby you'll ever meet.
Always has a full tummy...maybe that's why he's so happy.
Loves laughing at Daddy & brother's funny faces/dances.
Mildly frightened of sister's overwhelming love.
Mommy's boy through and through.
Darkest skin and eyes of any CraSieh baby thus far.
Sweet little birthmark on his forehead ♥
Nicknamed Brownie, Brown One, Mr. Brown and Bennito.

Meet Elly.
Full of opinions, energy, and kisses.
Favorite drink: chocolate milk, favorite food: craisins
Loves pillow-fighting, chasing, tickling, and rough-housing with the boys.
Also loves rocking, sssh-ing, feeding and singing to her dolls.
Not a huge fan of snow, Kitchen-Aid mixer, or nose blowing.
Sleeps in a big girl bed now (cue Mommy crying).
Master of "the look" and super cheesy smiles.
Gets told she's sweet/pretty approx. 15 times per day.
Nicknamed Looney, Looney Bin, Elly Girl, and Pretty.



Wow...daily life sure is different for me without access to a computer. Or, more specifically, without access to Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and Photoshop. :)

I truly find myself experiencing things and then wishing I could share them with friends - thinking of what I would write or how I could phrase the situation into 140 words or less. Pathetic? Maybe.

Our family has been incredibly blessed as Caleb now has a job LITERALLY two minutes away from our home, with regular hours and a caring comany. Plus, he has a laptop. So, I do get internet access in the evening, but by that time, most remaining brain cells in this body are shutting down for the night. Yawn.

Alas, I've tried to remember some of the things that have happened over the past few (two? three?) months, so I could relay them to you, my online friends. I'm trying to recall them now, and titling this post "What Would Michelle Blog [or tweet, were a computer available all day]?" Enjoy!

How to I discipline Elly for offering Bennett her thumb [shoving it halfway down his throat] when he's crying? It certainly works for her! It's her favorite, and she's sharing. Precious.

Where do we get such wacky nicknames for our kids? Bennett is "Brownie," "Brown One," and "Mr. Brown." Even Cam calls him these names.

Cameron has told me approximately 20 times that I'm "going to the doctor to have two more babies." Lord have mercy.

Elly says approximately 6 words: Mine, No, Dad-eee, Go, Men (Amen) and Kay (OK). She uses these words very strategically to her every advantage.

Bennett spits up more than Cameron and Elly combined. Times ten! Me = human burprag! And he's still so happy :)

I love, love, love having Caleb home for supper every night. Love.

Cameron is playing with his race cars and cheering for them, "LET'S GO LADIES!" Hmmm. Someone's mom carted him around to a few cross country meets... :)

Completely and utterly addicted to caffiene like I never have been before.

I desire that the area wildlife (racoons, coyotes, foxes and the like) would stop using the west side of my house as the cool place to hang out. Growling/moaning coyotes/foxes/rodents sound far too much like crying babies. It's freaking me out!

My babies bring me so much JOY every day. I am so very, very thankful for each one of them, and for their daddy. My husband is an all-star!!

Cam says, "Mommy...look at me," and holds my cheeks in his hands while staring into my eyes. "I'm so proud of you!"

Everyone should try Premium brand Mini Saltine crackers. Delish!

Love seeing my daughter rocking, feeding and singing to her baby dolls. I sneak into the room and watch her play - gets me emotional every time.

Well, friends, here's to hoping I will be a little more regular with my blogging from now on! As with other things around these parts, we'll start with baby steps :)