Delicious Things

Peppermint hot chocolate.

Frosted sugar cookies.

The sweetest babies in footie pajamas.


Ultimate Time-Waster

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Oh how I love it when Elf Yourself comes out every Christmas! This one includes our family and my mom. Soooooo funny (and addicting, and time-wasting). Do it, you'll like it...and, I'm willing to bet, spend at least 30 minutes goofing off with this handy little program!

Pedicure by Mema

Grandma Liz (Mema) came to our house a couple days ago. The result? A fun time had by all, mama gets her hair done with a built-in babysitter, and pretty purpley-red toes for Miss Elly!


You Know What's Worse?

You know what's even worse than washing dishes? Re-washing them after they've come out of the DISHWASHER. I don't want to be a complainer -- trust me, I'm thankful for this appliance. However, unless I pre-wash every fork, knife and spoon, the remnants from one dish will end up all over the other dishes. Note: dishwashing is my least favorite household chore. I'll dust, mop, whatever...then at the end of the day I finally have to cave.

I didn't take a picture this morning before I attacked my sink of dishes to re-wash, but my kitchen looked like a scene from Signs (you know, when the little girl fills her house with glasses of water to keep the aliens away?) I think I had at least a dozen soaking to remove the dried-on gunk. This is an appliance that needs to be on the short list for replacement! Pretty sure it's still there from when the house was built in 1986!!

Ok, I'm done. Thankful for my dishwasher!! Especially now that the air is super-dry and I'm washing my hands (post-diaper change) quite a few times each day!


1 Corinthians 9:24

"You've all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You're after one that's gold eternally." (MSG)

1 Thessalonians 1:3 "We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ." (NIV)

This past weekend, I had the privilege of accompanying the North Central University men's and women's cross country teams to the NCCAA National XC Meet in Cedarville, Ohio. I coach the women, and my friend and former teammate Trey coaches the men (although I could never do what I do without his knowledge and structure).

Ten ladies were on the team this year. Some faced injury and hardship along the way...they all trained through it to the best of their ability. Most of all, they gave every ounce of talent they had back to the Lord as a sacrifice of worship. They ran and competed with pure hearts and I am humbled and blessed to call myself their coach.

These ladies WON. They won the National Championship. Seven ran, but all ten were united in heart as they stepped to the line last Saturday. One of our senior captains, Stephanie, was the individual national champion. Jamie and Catherine finished second and third. Our team scored only 24 points (just for the record, low scores are good in XC ). :) I have learned so much from these ladies and I am bursting with pride not because of these accomplishments, but because I know the kind of women they are regardless.

To Stephanie, Katie, Angela, Erika, Catherine, Betsy, Becca, Tiffanie, Jamie and Carica - you are a blessing in my life. These are my Pink Hotties! It's all for Him!

Before the barrage of pictures, if you want to read an absolutely AMAZING blog about coaching, read Trey's take. He is outstanding and has captured in words what my heart is as well: the 18 reasons we coach.

The Pink Hotties! (Women's team).

Right after the race.

A beautiful start.

The seniors and me. Love you, Steph and Katie.

The most amazing men and women I know.

Rook partners - Angela and I.

These Triscuits are GOOOOOOD. Try em.

Playing Rook on the bus.

Pre-race huddle.

Even Elly is a Pink Hottie and came to cheer on the Rams!


Leap Frog Steal

Hey all you Christmas shopping mamas out there...I've got a deal for you!

I've had my eye on a Leap Frog fridge toy for my babes for awhile now. A few of our friends have them and their kids enjoy them SO much...keeps kids in the kitchen but out of your way...educational...etc., etc., etc. If you are at all interested in this product as a Christmas gift - let me tell you how to get one (normally around $20) for $6!!!

Target is running a sale on all Leap Frog fridge toys right now. Many of them (animal sounds, fridge DJ, colors/vehicles) are on sale for $14.24. The fridge phonics set is on sale for $19.99.

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics set

To get the BEST deal, though, you need the coupons! There is a Target coupon online or in their toy catalog for $5 off a fridge toy. Also, if you go to leapfrog.com and create a "learning path" for your child, you can get an extra $3 off (plus some other discounts on toys for older kids). Combine the two coupons with the sale prices and voila...Merry Christmas to all!

I just love a good deal! :)


Embracing Accusation

This song, by Shane & Shane, shakes me. Talks about the devil so conveniently slipping us "half truths," whispering and waiting for us to believe...but he's left out the rest of the Story. The XC team listened to this before they ran at Nationals last weekend.

You should watch it on YouTube. I CANNOT GAIN salvation - Hallelujah! Jesus saves!! So powerful.

Embracing Accusation

The father of lies
Coming to steal
Kill and destroy
All my hopes of being good enough
I hear him saying cursed are the ones
Who can’t abide
He’s right
Alleluia he’s right!

The devil is preaching
The song of the redeemed
That I am cursed and gone astray
I cannot gain salvation
Embracing accusation

Could the father of lies
Be telling the truth
Of God to me tonight?
If the penalty of sin is death
Then death is mine
I hear him saying cursed are the ones
Who can’t abide
He’s right
Alleluia he’s right!

Oh the devil’s singing over me
An age old song
That I am cursed and gone astray
Singing the first verse so conveniently
He’s forgotten the refrain
Jesus saves!


Who Knew?

That a teething biscuit would make my diva's day?? So messy, but quite worth it. She gobbled this right up, and I'm headed to the store for more.

This concludes a looooong day for Miss Elly. She fruit basket upset the entire baby nursery today at Bible Study, didn't nap or eat well, then scowled at all who dared to approach her tonight at XC practice. Topped it off by wailing the entire way home! Then, I plopped her in her seat, gave her this, and the SMILES! Oh, the smiles!!!!

I received one of those BabyCenter emails a few days ago titled "Is Your Baby Reluctant to Ride in the Carseat?" Reluctant??! Try vehemently opposed. The sweetheart screams and screams. Many suggestions came from sympathetic mothers today to help myself and my Elly. I tend to think it's a combo of personality and spoiled-ness (she's really with me 24/7), but I'll take all the help I can get! Zantac? A chiropractor?

From what I've heard from fellow moms, chiropractic adjustments on children seem to work wonders. Just curious, does anyone oppose this notion?

I just love my sweet Elly, the very way God created her! She really is a little peach... :)


This is extraordinarily random. If I didn't know better (and TRUST ME, I know better), I'd think I was pregnant. I heard this story on the news and my eyes misted/throat choked up! I do believe I'm developing a soft spot in my heart for animals where none has been before!

Read it! Maybe it's the babies in the story that got to me.



These are actually from our trip to the park last week -- when it was a surprising (and wonderful) 70 degrees. This morning it was 22. In a matter of one week, those days are gone!! But at least we got some cute pics outdoors... :)

Dare Ya

To watch this and NOT smile. Drooling all over Caleb's face the WHOLE time...giggling so hard she's practically crying. Snorting. Cam laughing along the whole time. It's therapeutic.

Also, Elly voted! Our presidential candidate did not win...but our Senate vote most certainly counted as Coleman defeated Franken (ugh!) by only 439 votes (pre-recount). Cameron felt the need to put the sticker on her face...cute.


Pumpkin Spicy

I don't treat myself to coffee-shop coffee very often. I just can't justify the expense. But once or twice a month (usually when I'm grocery shopping), I indulge. I caved this past week during a 1-on-1 with one of my girls. We visited Starbucks, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte called to me.

Now, no matter where I am, I'm not one of those, "double pump, triple hot, extra spicy, fourteen shots, upside-down, extra whipped cream, no drizzle, rice milk" type of orderers. I just want what you're advertising, straight and simple, thanks. So, I ordered my grande latte right off the menu, and that's what I expected to get.

We took our drinks and attempted to sit down (only to be barraged by an over-friendly customer who I'm pretty sure was in detox) -- then we left. About halfway back to the school I realized my drink tasted entirely too much like coffee for my liking! :) I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but then realized they took the liberty of making it with skim milk. Aw, man!!

I like skim milk on my cereal and in my baking, even in my soups. But when I'm ordering coffee, it should be sweet and creamy, and preferably caramely or chocolatey. Made with 2% milk like all the default drinks. The skim milk was not doing the trick to tone it down. Nevertheless, we were halfway back, and the line at the shop was long. I'm not that serious about my coffee.

Honest mistake, no harm done. I certainly don't need extra fat in my diet. But when I spend nearly $4 on a cup a joe, I don't expect it to be fat- or sugar-free. In fact, I expect it to taste as much like dessert as possible!! Cheers?!

Super-Cute Sister

My sister Laura and her fiance, Brett, are getting married June 6. My sister is adorable. Really, she's tiny and blonde and precious -- you could just put her in your pocket!! I love her!

Mr. and Mrs. Evans-to-be got their engagement pics a couple weeks ago. You can see a few of them here. Laura is going to be such a gorgeous bride! I can't wait for the big day!


Exercise Your Right


Wow, my first award! I was tagged by Jamie, who keeps it real (and quite humorous) about life with her 5 sweet ones.

I am supposed to name six things I am thankful for. Here goes:

1. The Lord and his never-ending grace, mercy, faithfulness and love for me.

2. My family, two babies and amazing husband. Also for my extended family - the most wonderful parents and siblings. I have awesome in-laws, too!

3. Our home church here in MN. Outstanding leadership, amazing church family. They teach me how to live out God's word.

4. Our freedom in the U.S.A. and those who fight (in every way) to defend it.

5. That I can stay home with my precious children every day...worth every moment.

6. The XC team at NCU. They bless and challenge me. And they keep me in shape! :)


Digging for Treasure

In just the past 4-5 days, the following items have been removed from my son's nasal passages using various forms of extraction:

A nickel-sized piece of bacon (rolled up)
Half a stem from a dried leaf
A piece of foam (origin unknown)
The entire tail of a goldfish cracker
A hefty hunk of sourdough
A nub of baby carrot
A raisin (typical)
Piece of string cheese (kinda melted)

This is most definitely Cam's current "phase" -- sticking anything and EVERYTHING up his nose or into his ears. Quite entertaining after the fact, but also a bit scary considering I don't always retrieve the entire item, or I miss an item completely until it comes shooting out at me with great velocity from a monster sneeze.

The poor boy does have some family history. My Mother-in-Law has told me of the [multiple] times she took my beloved to the doctor as a child for help in removing Lego flowers from his nose. And my grandpa once shoved seed corn so far up his nose that it took root and SPROUTED -- kid you not -- nobody figured it out until they had to take him to the doctor because it started to ferment and smell. Eeew!

We've tried various things to get him to cease and desist. Nothing has worked. It's like he has an uncontrollable itch up there that he must scratch. Mealtime is very closely monitored. Just hoping nothing's growing up there.