Pool Rats

Cameron & Elly have spent the ENTIRE past week in the pool! We've been blessed with great weather here up North - warm enough that you need to be in the water to be comfortable, but not unbearably hot. (When I want to jump in, you know it's gotta be prime conditions)!

I took some pics of them today...the weatherman says we'll be cooling down 10-15 degrees for the weekend :) Note: I usually clothe my children in swimsuits, but Caleb hung Cam's trunks on the back of the van to dry last night...I didn't know this and we made a quick grocery run this morning! We lost them somewhere along the way!!! Cam does have another pair that were in the wash...but we just bummed it in swim diapers today. They're so cute with their matching blue backsides!

Enjoy...we've had a fantastic week outside!

Action shot - Cam jumping in!

Elly got braver by the minute!

Showing off for the camera :)

I'm tuckered out mom...

Cam keeps insisting he can "hear da moon!"
It's an airplane, Bubba!
No amount of explaining could convince him.

Even the most devoted pool rats need a break.

The princess takes her seat :)

Popsicle time! The sticks become "boats" afterwards...

Sweet kisses, poolside :)


Diva Update

I got a new MN Twins hat at the reunion!
(My posts have been a little light on Elly lately,
so I had to squeeze this in!)

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Due to the craziness (two weddings and a reunion) of the past three weeks at our house, I neglected to blog on my brother's birthday! I have some things I want to say, though, continuing in my earlier-proclaimed blogging tradition...

Jay will be a sophomore this Fall at North Central University. He ran XC and played baseball last year, and is currently majoring in Elementary Education. He is 7 years younger than I, and our birthdays are just one day apart - we've been birthday buddies since he was born :) I believe he had a sometimes-tumultous childhood, growing up with THREE sisters, but he prevailed and has grown into a handsome, mature, loving and caring young man. Being surrounded by sisters isn't that bad...

Jay has the greatest smile. Both my parents have fantastic smiles, too, so he inherited the gift. The whole room lights up when he smiles!

He is the most grateful dinner guest you'll ever encounter. He eats anything and everything with enthusiasm! He joined us for meals a few times last year, and always took home leftovers and made me feel like a four-star chef :)

He has an incredible work ethic, mental and physical strength. He's in for the long haul when he commits to something, and doesn't do anything half-heartedly.

Jay shares my affinity for animated movies from our childhood. Another side-effect of growing up with 3 sisters...he can quote EVERY Disney movie, (shhhh, even the princess ones), and more obscure selections such as "All Dogs Go To Heaven," and "The Secret of Nimh." Quality.

He can make a mean batch of Mac n' Cheese. His version is often requested by family. Same with Ramen noodles :)

He's consistent. Steady Eddie. Rock solid. Doesn't sweat the small stuff...something I need to work on.

Jay has an incredible relationship with the Lord. It was a true blessing to watch his faith grow this past year. He has an open heart and a huge faith, and God has used and will use him in huge ways.

Jay is a born teacher. I've noticed this ever since he was a little guy and entertaining the littlest ones at church. He has the ability to captivate people, earn their respect and address their needs. He has a passion to see young men grow in their relationship with the Lord, and I'm so proud of him.

He's a great athlete, strong and solid. He's never met a sport he couldn't play, and play well. Yet, he's always been a team player and encourager to those around him.

He loves to play Cribbage, just like his big sis :)

He is a Super-Uncle! Cam and Elly are both head-over-heels in love with him...he plays with them for hours, knows what their favorites are, and truly enjoys his time with them. He even babysat once and found himself in the midst of TWO dirty diapers - prevailed - and I came home to two happy, clean babies! How many 19-year-old uncles can do that??!

Jay is younger than I am, but wise beyond his years, hungry for the things of God, a true friend and loyal brother.

I love you, Jay! I know you had a good birthday with prime rib and Chapel ice cream, so I hope the rest of your June is fantastic, too. You are a true blessing to Caleb, Cameron, Elly and I, and we can't wait to see more of you in a couple months!

Cam and his "Unca Jay." March 2009.

The Beichley sibs. He loves his sisters :) June 2009.

Snugglin' with Ells & Cam. May 2009.


Best Buddies

Cameron's cousin, Malachi, was born exactly two weeks before he was. We knew from the start that these two were bound to be not just cousins, but great friends. As they grow, it's so much fun to see them interact, become partners in crime, and look forward to seeing each other.

This past weekend was the Gutierrez Reunion, and Malachi hung out with us for quite a bit of it. He and Cam had SO MUCH fun running around outside and playing in the pool together! Here's a few pics of them - best buddies!

Juice box buddies

Exploring buddies (@ Cabela's)

And another fun thing that happens when buddies get together...

...everyone sleeps well!!

This video was taken the first morning of the reunion,
Cam is telling Caleb that Malachi (Ty-Chi) is his best buddy in the WHOLE WORLD!


June 12, 2004

Today is also our 5th wedding anniversary. 5 years, 2.5 kids...not too bad :) Things have changed SO MUCH since 2004. On that day, I thought I knew Caleb so well...ah, young love! Happy Anniversary, babe, there's no one else I'd rather have by my side!

The whole party.

The word "skinny" comes to mind... ;)

There's MY man!

Long veil and heavy bouquet!

Squeeze me a 'lil tighter...

Five years today, many more to come!!

Happy Der-Day

Today is my Grandpa (Cam & Elly's Great-Grandpa) Shouse's birthday! Cameron will sing Happy Birthday "Der-Day" at any opportunity, so for the past couple weeks we've been singing it to Grandpa. Of course, once I tried to video him, he clammed up, so I had to help a little.

Right after he gets done singing (not on the video), he says, "have cake??"



June 6, 2009

Brett and Laura's wedding went off without a hitch last weekend! We had a big week of preparation, a bridal hairstyle the morning OF the wedding that we had to re-do, and a screaming flower girl, but it all added up to a picture-perfect day, a fun gathering of family and friends, and a Mr. & Mrs. who were truly in love! We were honored to be a part of their special day!

You can see even more pics here: brettandlauraevans.shutterfly.com

The beautiful bride! Isn't the dress p-e-r-f-e-c-t??

The wedding party!

The siblings, all grown up :)

Kisses for the bride!

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Evans

The bride and groom and their miniatures.
Elly was havin' NONE of it.

The ever-expanding (in my case, literally) Beichley fam!

Cam practices for his big moment.
He was a smashing success, he hammed it up while Elly wailed the entire way down the aisle!

My Dad takes a little snooze... :)

Elly plays peek-a-boo with Great-Grandpa and her shiny shoes.
This is one of my favorite pictures. Ever.

Beautiful cake table and simple cake, just like Laura wanted it.

Hugging Jay - such cutie pies!

Me, Sonya & Mom at the reception.
Everything went just as planned and was beautiful!

The getaway! They drove all the way to Kansas City that night to catch a 6am flight to Cancun!
Bon Voyage and LOVE YOU, sister & new brother!