Bugbites, Watermelon, And Talking Cucumbers

Here is a collection of a few random thoughts for the day. Cam and Elly napped for 2.5 and 3 hours, respectively, today, so I got a TON of packing done (someone out there is praying for me) and also had a little time for just myself and my ticking brain. Here's what I came up with:

...I don't believe I've ever really known the meaning of "a dirty bathroom" until I had a toddler boy trying to learn to potty while standing up. Fire hose - yikes.

...My least favorite place in the world to have a bugbite is on my FEET. And I have 5. My normally puffy pregnant feet are now red and allergically swollen as well.

...I'm 30 weeks pregnant today, and I'm guaranteed to go by at least 39. That's not much time, people!!

...I am really, really loving my daughter's desire to play "dress up" right now. She loves necklaces, bracelets, hats, crowns, shoes...you name it. I have visions of a little chest of play clothes and accessories for her Christmas gift!

...Totally unbiased ;), I think my son is one of the smartest 2.5-year-olds out there. His memory is astounding - definitely better than his mommy's.

...We went to the grocery store today, and I prayed over the watermelon I chose - that it would be juicy and delicious! I laughed at myself, but I know God cares about the little things...and it drives me bonkers to spend $5 on a dud. I really prayed over a watermelon...and it turned out to be a fantastic choice!

...While packing today, I found a birthday card (I think from '95) from my Grandpa Beichley - he met Jesus in 1996. On the back he told me how excited he was to see me in my high school activities, and said "Keep being a friend to young and old, and you'll come out shining like a rose." Had a good cry mid-pack. I love you, Grandpa!

...I have developed an extreme fondness for "Bob the Mato" and "Larry the Newcumber," and how much my kids enjoy them. Veggie Tales (recorded from Saturday morning TV) have been a godsend this week!

...We're moving in 4 days. Should I be blogging? Probably not... :)

Happy Friday!



It really pays to have a husband in the jewelry biz. Take a look for yourself...

Isn't my brand-new, 2 carat, brilliant round-cut diamond solitaire to die for?? He just thought, being pregnant and all, I deserved it! Ah, what to do? I guess I'll take it.

Nope, the diamond isn't real, and you better believe that if my dear one ever, ever purchased anything like this for me, even with his discount, I'd flip my lid and (likely) immediately give birth to this child. I LOVE, love my wedding ring (which he designed prior to his Kay Jewelers days), and I never want it bigger, different, nothing. However, the woes of 3 back-to-back pregnancies are taking a toll on my fingers - swelling them to gargantuan proportions and making it impossible (for a few months now) to wear my actual ring.

Give in and get it sized, you say? Not just yet. It's great motivation to get back in action after the babies are born...plus, it feels like like I got a new ring every time I can start wearing it again! Perhaps a sizing will need to take place, but I won't do it mid-pregnancy.

Anyway, I'd been wearing a ring Caleb got me in high school (a sweet, little 1/1o carat - size doesn't matter to me), and even that was getting a little snug. So, he surprised me today and came up with this combo - a band that came with a private order for a custom ring (and was not needed), and a 2-carat cubic zirconia (slightly chipped) from the display case at the store. It normally would've been thrown away, but Caleb knows a private jeweler in the area who he's built a good relationship with. The jeweler hid the chip under a prong, and produced this (very) real-looking creation for SIX dollars.

Can't complain too much for $6, right? You can't even get a turn-your-finger-green-special for that price! He got down on one knee *blush* this afternoon, handed me this ring, and asked me if I'd move our family to Iowa with him. I was having doubts (KIDDING), but the bling pushed me over the edge ;)

Caleb had to add that - had my ring been real (the band is real white gold) - a flawless, 2-carat diamond plus band, it would've cost around $70,000. Really???! It's pretty, but I don't understand how someone could spend that much on a diamond!! I'm even afraid of losing this one!

So, now I don't have to endure the looks I got when off grocery shopping with my two youngsters, pregnant belly, and no ring on the finger. Now I think I'll get looks, but they might be of a different variety...

Love you, babe! :)


Last Days On The Deck

Sorry my posts have been heavy on pictures/light on text lately...I can't seem to crank anything out of my brain. Today the kids were up early from naps, so we went out to the deck for (probably) one of the last times up here in Minnesota!

We blew bubbles, danced, played basketball and tried our darndest to get a good picture...we got a few keepers :) It's a gorgeous day up here, we plan on grilling later tonight. Hope you're all enjoying your Labor Days!

Elly got really into saying "CHEEEESE!"

Who can get my son to look at the camera?
I'll give you a prize.

Now (apparently) it's time to scream!

Bring it on, boys!
I'll school ya in a game of one-on-one!


All-Star Aunties

I posted a pic a few days ago of Uncle Jay having special time with Cam - well, last weekend, both my sisters came up (as well as my parents) and got to have special time with both Cam and Elly! There is just something so special about a girl
and her aunties!

Elly is a smart girl. She took her time, worked the crowd of relatives and promptly charmed everyone.
(Not that it takes too much...)

Auntie Laura taught Cameron (at a young age) how to make "raspberries" with his lips. Thanks to Auntie Sonya, Elly now knows how, too. Yep, THANKS, Auntie Sonya ;)

Uncle Jay came down on Saturday, too, and we enjoyed a relaxing day together with Papa Murphy's Pizza (Cowboy, please) to finish the day! It was great to see everyone! We missed Uncle Brett (Laura's husband), as he had to stay in Kansas City and work. The kids had a blast being the center of attention and getting lots of extra cuddles from everyone. Looking forward to the next Beichley get-together!!


Fair Fun

Our family headed off to the MN State Fair on Monday, and I got to thinking...one of my first posts ever on this blog described our trip to the great Minnesota get-together in 2008! My, how time has flown by since then...and how we all have changed!

The weather was absolutely perfect, around 75 degrees with a little breeze. The kids were SO excited, although Cam kept asking to see the dinosaurs...not sure what he was expecting. He was thoroughly thrilled with the livestock, though, and lit up like a Christmas tree when he got around the animals! The boy has agriculture in his blood!!! :)

We chowed down on a footlong hot dog (Cam's choice), a giant turkey leg (my choice), a giant pickle (Elly's & my demand), cheese curds (Caleb's) and finished it all off with unlimited milk at the Dairy Tent for $1 and our FIRST-EVER Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies! YUM. The turkey leg really hit the spot, but my favorite treat of the day was the 2...er...3-4 cups of ice cold milk I had at the Dairy Tent. So cold and wonderful and just what I needed. I was grossing Caleb out.

What a fun family day at the fair! Note: last year I mentioned Caleb was not too excited to attend the festivities...well, this year, he was leading the charge! Hallelujah for fair conversions :)

All dressed in our Twins gear and ready for the fair!

Cam LOVED the tractors. Elly was not so amused.

If we put our heads together, maybe we can figure out
how to drive it?

(There's something about this picture that I just love!)

Cam was a little disappointed when it was time to move on.

Cam got to be a "little farm hand" and feed pretend cows and chickens, collect eggs, plant seeds and harvest vegetables, and pick apples to put in his pail! At the end he traded in all his (plastic) goods for a real apple! He was in heaven.
Absolutely thrilled.

Elly finishing off the giant pickle :)

Hey! I know these people, they're from my hometown!
Petty's had a display outside the sheep barn.

We visited "Grandpa's pigs," as Cam put it.
Elly did NOT like their incessant squealing.
She was happy to leave.

By 2pm, there was nothin' left!
They didn't even make it to Sweet Martha's.
No worries, they made up for it later and had their fill of cookies for an afternoon snack!

Big Changes

Hello friends and family,

Caleb and I wanted to email everyone and let you know of a pretty big step in our family's life - we will be moving to Reinbeck, Iowa in two weeks. This was confirmed on Friday, seems like a very quick transition, and it's quite emotional for us (especially the pregnant one!) but I feel the Lord has been preparing our hearts for this step for some time now.

Caleb has been transferred to a Kay Jewelers in Cedar Rapids, and will be serving as assistant manager. We are grateful to have a job, especially in this time when so many are looking for work. Our desire is definitely for him to work closer to home, and we continue to pray for that opportunity, but this job (and health insurance) are truly a blessing for us as we take this step.

Although Caleb and I both have peace about our decision, the past few days have been filled with emotion - particularly sadness - as we leave the place we've called home since college, and especially since we were married in 2004. We leave behind so many wonderful friends who are like family to us, a church we absolutely adore, and the home we brought Cameron and Elly to as newborn babies. This place will always be very special to us, and the people who remain here will continue to be in our hearts and prayers.

Our move to Iowa is most definitely NOT sad, as we'll be near both Caleb's and my parents, Caleb's brother and family, and my youngest sister. Baby #3 is coming in November, and although it's hard to imagine not delivering up here, I know God has the perfect doctor for us in Iowa, and plenty of loving family to care for all three babies when the time comes (WHAT a blessing!) We've been blessed with an amazing opportunity to rent a house in Iowa, and we're so thankful for that, especially as we try to iron out the details of our home in Burnsville. We are looking for potential renters, either a family or a group of students, etc. that needs a home like ours.

We just want to get the word out, and since email/online seems to be the most efficient means, we wanted to tell all our friends as quickly as possible, first-hand. We love you all very much and thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and support as we try to be obedient to the call God has on our family's life. Please pray for a smooth transition for Cameron and Elly and for emotional stability for me :) as we go about the next two weeks.

We'll only be 3.5 hours away, so you can bet we'll be back to visit! We're already planning our first trip back for a special wedding in October! :)

Thank you again for all each of you has poured into us. Whether this move brings us closer to you or takes us farther away, know that we love you very much.

With Faith and Expectation,

Caleb, Michelle, Cameron, Elly & baby boy Sieh

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

No matter what, God is my God.
(Daniel 3:17-18; from 8.31.09 message at CVC).