Cam Dumps the Pancake Mix

Thought you'd enjoy this video. Cameron dumped half a box of pancake mix on the floor the other day. I started cleaning it up, but then decided it should be captured on film. He was pretty upset because I think he thought it would be fun to make this mess, but didn't like the feeling of the powder all over him. It's kinda whiny, but funny too.

So, I told him we didn't do things like dump out Mommy's pancake mix, and it was over with. A few minutes before bed, I showed him the video, because he loves to watch videos of himself (haha). He watched it four times, and while I was getting Elly in her pajamas, he did it AGAIN. Oops. I chose an alternate route of discipline for the second offense!

Cameron: [Whining] Up, Mom.
Me: What did you do, Cameron?
Cameron: [Still whining, pointing] I do?
Me: What did you do?
Cameron: Meeee, I, I, do. [Pointing]
Me: Did you dump out the pancake mix?
Cameron: Mix?
Me: And then you decided you didn't like that?
Cameron: That. [Whining ensues]
Me: Say, 'Sorry, Mom.'
Cameron: Ree.
Me: [Trying to work on two word phrases] Say, 'Sorry, Mom.'
Cameron: Mom.

As the video concludes, he sees Little Einstein fruit snacks in the pantry and proves that he can speak a decipherable word. Also forgets about powdery mix incident that has been upsetting him.

Cameron: Einsteins?

I promise I don't bribe my son with fruit snacks...very often. :)