Makes Me Sad

I was filling the car with gas a couple days ago when the gas station attendant's voice came over the loudspeaker. You know, "Pump one, go ahead." Usually, I pay at the pump and am on my way, bu this day, the voice caught my attention.

This voice was that of an older woman. A woman that sounded like she could be my grandma. Actually, she sounded older than my grandma. I peeked into the gas station, and sure enough, there was a sweet lady behind the counter that could have been a grandma...maybe even of the great variety.

As I watched her give a much younger customer her change back, I wanted to cry. If you asked a group of older (perhaps retired) women what they want to do with their time, I expect they'd say "visit relatives, volunteer, relax, travel, enjoy" (at least that's what's on MY agenda!) I just can't imagine anyone wanted to spend their days working the morning shift at the pumps.

It makes me sad because I see more and more older Americans working, and working, and working. I feel like they've earned a break, but for whatever reason, just don't have the means to make it without continuing to punch a timecard.

Grandmas (and Grandpas) should be driving around in an RV, baking, writing letters, relaxing after raising their children and putting in their time. Some may want to continue working, but I have a feeling many don't want to. I just imagined my grandparents -- required to stand behind a counter and operate a register?? It breaks my heart.

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Mrs. B. said...

I completely agree. My mother in law is forced to work and I know there are so so many other things she'd be wanting to do with her time...like visit us!
My dream? A shingled house on a lake in Colorado, an RV to visit the US and the family, a few sweet dogs to nurture, gardening, baking, reading, writing, ministering in a church. Just TIME to do those things.
Anyway, good post.