Elly's First Bite

Elly started cereal last week! She's still working on liking it. Thanks to Uncle Josh and Aunt Yanury (& baby cousin Allen) for the Twins bib she could sport while she enjoyed her feast!!

Singing for her supper!

Elly can't contain her excitement...

Hmmm, this isn't exactly what I had in mind, Mom. Your left-handedness also kinda wrecks the camera angle.

Eh, not all that great.

Forget the rice - I'd like to get my hands on that camera...

Cameron started cereal right about the same time, 4.5 months. He took to it a little easier than his sister. Seems this "taking to things easier than his sister" is a sort of pattern...the carseat, the bottle, sleeping, entertaining himself, dealing with life in general...

We love our lil' diva!!

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