Who Knew?

That a teething biscuit would make my diva's day?? So messy, but quite worth it. She gobbled this right up, and I'm headed to the store for more.

This concludes a looooong day for Miss Elly. She fruit basket upset the entire baby nursery today at Bible Study, didn't nap or eat well, then scowled at all who dared to approach her tonight at XC practice. Topped it off by wailing the entire way home! Then, I plopped her in her seat, gave her this, and the SMILES! Oh, the smiles!!!!

I received one of those BabyCenter emails a few days ago titled "Is Your Baby Reluctant to Ride in the Carseat?" Reluctant??! Try vehemently opposed. The sweetheart screams and screams. Many suggestions came from sympathetic mothers today to help myself and my Elly. I tend to think it's a combo of personality and spoiled-ness (she's really with me 24/7), but I'll take all the help I can get! Zantac? A chiropractor?

From what I've heard from fellow moms, chiropractic adjustments on children seem to work wonders. Just curious, does anyone oppose this notion?

I just love my sweet Elly, the very way God created her! She really is a little peach... :)


The Arnold Family said...

We just make them deal with it. Eventually they "get" that screaming isn't going to get them anything.

(This is if you rule out all environmental pain sources).

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy...those teething biscuits scare the heebie jeebies out of me! My kids always managed to bite off a huge chunk and choke on it! You're a brave mama! :)

Claessens Family said...

I've taken my girls to the chiro. I don't think it will necessarily help her to like the carseat but they help with gas/digestive problems and ear infections among other things. Maybe when she's 1 and gets to sit forward she will like car rides :) Can you handle 6 more months of car ride fussiness?
My best friends baby hated the carseat, one day they put in some random cd and she LOVED it!! No more carseat crying for her. Maybe she just needs some new tunes...