2'9" Reminder

My little Cam is in a precious phase right now - he's the cutest combination of a parrot and a sponge. He really picks up on every little thing we say, consequently it has made me MUCH more conscious of what's on TV in the background of our daily lives (even the news).

His sweet little tendencies have also made me stand up and take notice of what I say on a regular basis. Now, I don't swear at my children, I try my best not to yell, and I strive to put good things into my mind and heart so that good things come out...but...well, sometimes it doesn't always work. Cam's not yet blurted out anything embarassing or utterly shocking, but what his little mouth sets on "repeat" is a great gauge for me as to what I'm saying most often -- or, more importantly, what he is hearing most often -- throughout the day.

Last week, it was "NO! N-n-n-n-NO! Mommy says, NO!"
(Lots of discipline in this house as of late)

A couple days ago, it was "Hi, Honey!"

Others have included, "Obey Mama/Daddy," "Have BIG sleep," (for naptime and bedtime), and "Elly sleeping."

I know I can't always control what phases and stages we're going through here, and exactly what's on the agenda to communicate and re-communicate to the babes, but it really is interesting to have a precious little mouth echo back to me what his heart is absorbing. He's the cutest, most wonderful, 2 foot, 9 inch reminder. :)

1 Timothy 4:12: "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."

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