I'm A Serial Nicknamer

Ok all you supermamas out there, I have a question. Am I the only one that uses incredibly random, sometimes strange, nicknames...most unrelated to my kids' real names? I don't know where they come from, but I seem to have a habit of assigning silly nicknames to my children and using them over and over!

No identity crisis here...they still respond to their given names, but also to most of my "collection" of names for them.

Here they are (try not to laugh):

Cameron: Bubba, Bubba-loo, Buckwheat, Peaches (Elly's the "Cream"), Honey Heart, Broth-ee (like "brother" with an eeee on the end), Boom Boom, Looney, Pumpkin Boy.

Elly: Lissa, Lissa-dee, Lulu, Lu-lee, Tweeter, Sissy, Sister, Elly Girl, Miss Priss, Ells Bells, Ellers, Peanut, Peanutface (ugh, that looks so not pretty when I write it down).

What's wrong with me? What a strange list. If you have silly nicknames for your kiddos, I'd love to hear about them!


Janel said...

We can relate! Jake and I both call eachother Marty. JJ's nicknames are Smooch, smoochie bellarucci, double J, and the big guy. Jayla so far is either sweety girl, missy girl, or ba (this is what JJ calls her and we all find ourselves calling her that now too).

Jamie Willow said...

We call our unborn son "Junebug" and I call him Babykins all the time in my mind. I know we will have tons of nick names too when he actually gets here. Lance is probably even more creative with nick names in general. Seems like everyone in his life has one :) He always called me Minnelovelopolus. Which still makes me laugh.
I think all you nick names are cute :)

This is us said...

Oh yes I totally call Toby different names all throughout the day! I actually can't think of any off the top of my head. They change all the time and whatever comes out is what I call him. He always answers me though! :) I wonder what I'll call our baby girl!! haha!

Mrs. B. said...

Pretty sure that's normal. And yours are quite cute compared to some.
Beck - Dooney, Doon, Dooney-Bug (I need to work on my variations...but much originality there) Dooney-Dooney-Bug-A-Roonie

Evie - Eeebs, Ebers, Evang, Evie-Bug (here come the "bug"s again...) Evie-Neenal-Buga-Beenal (I don't know, it just rolls of the tongue), Sister, Sis, Priss-Pants, Dee-Dee, Baby Girl, Love, Leena, Bug-A-Beans (My family has taken to calling her that one...)

Okay...now I'm embarrassed...

Alicia Marie said...

i actually feel a bit more normal now. I thought my random nicknames for Jack were a bit odd, but yet they fit. We call bubba, little man, Jack- a-roo, Jackaloneas and Schlameal to name a few. Our dr. actually called him that, but it stuck. There are lots and lots of variations of the list above...most are more embarrassing. Poor Jack.

The Arnold Family said...

Tylee- Tizz, Tizzy, Tylenol, T-bag, Ty Chi, Ty, Television, Tizzle, "T",

Royce- Rizz, Rizzle, Royc-a-roni, Roycee, Roycer, Roscow, Roscoe Picol Train, Picol Train, "R",

Tavi- Tavita, Vita, Veet, Veeter, Taviticus, Vit, Louise, Lu, Lulu, Weeze, Weezie, Weezer, Louisa, La Weeze, Weeza La Weeza, Loooeezzeee, Cheeks, Toes, La La,

Nayah- Nay Nay, Nay, Oh wow (sounds like "oh"), Oh no, Ni Ni, Ni Nay, Yanni,

Sometimes the more ridiculous, the better I feel saying it. :)