Work In Spurts

As most probably know, I don't work outside the home. I coach cross country in the Fall -- which I can hardly call work because I enjoy it so much -- but I do receive compensation. The only other income I generate for this household comes in the form of editing jobs I receive sporadically, sometimes from friends and former colleagues, sometimes from actual clients (gained only by word-of-mouth).

My main client this past year is a gentleman (Mr. H.) working on his doctorate, whose first language is Hebrew. He's been required to put together numerous papers and projects, and I am able to help him with minor edits in sentence structure, spelling, and proper grammar as he writes in non-native English (I am certainly of NO help with the actual content of the paper...yikes! Way over my head).

Mr. H. has been beyond excellent to work with. He has been so very understanding about my unpredictable days, my time crunches during XC season and after Elly's birth, and my random, aggravating Internet outages. I believe the Lord has really orchestrated this relationship -- it allows me to help Caleb with the burden of providing financially for our family (albeit a drop in the hat), gives me another outlet to utilize my degree in journalism, and helps me build credibility and a resume. Thankfully, he's not looking for a seasoned veteran, just someone to help him along for now. It fits perfectly for both of us!

I've gone months without work, then months with perhaps too much, but I see God providing in all of it. When it looks like we may come up a bit short, or when there's a special occasion that we need a little extra for, or when we just need more diapers -- haha -- God always provides. Sometimes it's in the form of an editing job, sometimes it's in other ways, but He's ALWAYS FAITHFUL!

I'm working on a little project for Mr. H. right now! I'm just so thankful for the opportunity to exercise other parts of my brain (not that teaching Cameron numbers, colors and letters isn't stimulating), to earn a bit, to be always home with my babies, and to bless someone in the process. Also very thankful right now that my husband has a job, and praying for friends who are looking for work.

Naptime = editing time! :) Hooray and thank you Lord!

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The Arnold Family said...

Oh Michelle I didn't know that about Elly. How horrible. Praying she is healed and all the problems become a thing of the past.