Recent Library Favorites

But Not The Hippopotamus
By Sandra Boynton

Cute, light, fun and witty. Cameron can finish the phrases in this book and we read it daily. We also recite it at lunch, in the bathroom, etc., etc. This was a birthday gift from Great Grandma and Grandpa. Only a handful of chew marks from sister so far...

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
By Bill Martin, Jr.

This is a classic, I remember reading it to my younger siblings when they first started school. It's quite catchy (I still have portions of the book memorized!) It's a long story for Cam to make it through, and he gets a little anxious to get the pages turned at the end, but he likes to point out all the letters and the colors.

Blue Hat, Green Hat
By Sandra Boynton

After the success of Hippopotamus, we went searching for more Boynton selections. I found this one in the board book bin at the library, so I snatched it up! Cameron can read this entire book because it's so simple, and basically describes what the characters are wearing.

Mommy Mine
By Tim Warnes

A precious book, very simple rhymes and great illustrations of animal babies and their mommies. Cameron loves looking at all the animals and this book helps him identify the meanings of some less-common adjectives.

All receive two thumbs up and 4 cookies (stars) from our budding book critic! ;)

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Annie said...

Sandra Boynton is a FAVORITE in this house. I think I love her more than Lacey.