Requesting Prayer For Anna

Hi Friends,

I am writing today to ask you to lift up my friend's little girl in prayer. Her name is Anna and she's had a horrible few weeks filled with fevers and sicknesses. She started with 105-106 degree fevers and trips in and out of the ER, and now she's been diagnosed with pneumonia and RSV. She has a pre-existing heart condition and athsma, and hasn't been able to keep her oxygen levels up where the doctors would like them.

She's in ICU, on oxygen, and fighting hard. Little Anna weighs 25 lbs at 3 years old (she was a preemie and a twin), and has already lost a couple pounds. She has a twin sister and older brother at home, and as you can imagine, her parents are both exhausted and torn to pieces seeing their baby so sick.

Please pray for a complete healing in sweet Anna, that the Lord would mend what's broken and protect her little body from the onslaught of sicknesses she's fighting. The whole family just needs strength, health and protection. Thank you so much!!


Mrs. B. said...

Will be praying for sweet baby Anna and her parents. I can't imagine...

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The Arnold Family said...

Ok I tagged you but I see you've already been tagged! Oh well. Ya got tagged twice! :)