Back In Action

Sorry for my absence. Two weekends ago, I was privileged to stand up at my friend Leesha's (we played basketball together at NCU) wedding in Wisconsin. The day after we got home from that trip, Caleb flew to Ohio for work and took my beloved computer with him!! Last weekend, my parents visited...so we've been on the go/computerless for much of the past two weeks.

Here's the kicker - I forgot my camera on the wedding trip! It was such a beautiful wedding, simple and full of love. Leesha was stunning, and I had a blast getting to know my fellow bridesmaids (what a great group of ladies)! I'm Facebook stalking waiting for more pictures to surface...but here's what I've found so far:

Brenda, Leesha, me and a sick-of-the-carseat Miss Ells.

The best husband. Ever.

Such a gorgeous bride and sweet flower girl, Faith.

Blurry and far away - but this is the whole wedding party!

I love you, Leesh!
What an honor to stand up with you and celebrate your big day!

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Jamie Willow said...

your bridesmaid dress looks a lot like my wedding dress :) love it! great pictures...bummer you forgot your camera..that is the worst!