June 6, 2009

Brett and Laura's wedding went off without a hitch last weekend! We had a big week of preparation, a bridal hairstyle the morning OF the wedding that we had to re-do, and a screaming flower girl, but it all added up to a picture-perfect day, a fun gathering of family and friends, and a Mr. & Mrs. who were truly in love! We were honored to be a part of their special day!

You can see even more pics here: brettandlauraevans.shutterfly.com

The beautiful bride! Isn't the dress p-e-r-f-e-c-t??

The wedding party!

The siblings, all grown up :)

Kisses for the bride!

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Evans

The bride and groom and their miniatures.
Elly was havin' NONE of it.

The ever-expanding (in my case, literally) Beichley fam!

Cam practices for his big moment.
He was a smashing success, he hammed it up while Elly wailed the entire way down the aisle!

My Dad takes a little snooze... :)

Elly plays peek-a-boo with Great-Grandpa and her shiny shoes.
This is one of my favorite pictures. Ever.

Beautiful cake table and simple cake, just like Laura wanted it.

Hugging Jay - such cutie pies!

Me, Sonya & Mom at the reception.
Everything went just as planned and was beautiful!

The getaway! They drove all the way to Kansas City that night to catch a 6am flight to Cancun!
Bon Voyage and LOVE YOU, sister & new brother!


Janel said...

BEAUTIFUL. Everything. Love the pictures!

Mrs. B. said...

What a gorgeous wedding and a beautiful dress. Your sister is lovely...looks a lot like you. ;)
You looked great, Mrs. Sieh!

The Arnold Family said...

Aww weddings are so much fun. She looked fantastic.