Pool Rats

Cameron & Elly have spent the ENTIRE past week in the pool! We've been blessed with great weather here up North - warm enough that you need to be in the water to be comfortable, but not unbearably hot. (When I want to jump in, you know it's gotta be prime conditions)!

I took some pics of them today...the weatherman says we'll be cooling down 10-15 degrees for the weekend :) Note: I usually clothe my children in swimsuits, but Caleb hung Cam's trunks on the back of the van to dry last night...I didn't know this and we made a quick grocery run this morning! We lost them somewhere along the way!!! Cam does have another pair that were in the wash...but we just bummed it in swim diapers today. They're so cute with their matching blue backsides!

Enjoy...we've had a fantastic week outside!

Action shot - Cam jumping in!

Elly got braver by the minute!

Showing off for the camera :)

I'm tuckered out mom...

Cam keeps insisting he can "hear da moon!"
It's an airplane, Bubba!
No amount of explaining could convince him.

Even the most devoted pool rats need a break.

The princess takes her seat :)

Popsicle time! The sticks become "boats" afterwards...

Sweet kisses, poolside :)


Janel said...

I LOVE their popsicle pictures! Maybe it's because we are probably out on our deck eating popsicles at the same time you guys are...AT LEAST EVERY SINGLE DAY! Cute pool rats!

The Arnold Family said...

Love the pool pics and the incredibly cute pool rats! I miss Minnesota summers.