Spooky Things

Cameron's new favorite game is to walk up to me (tiptoeing sneakily) and whisper, "LISTEN Mommy!" Then I whisper back and ask what it is, and he responds, "It's a [fill-in-the-blank] bear, lion, dinosaur, dragon, spider, etc. It's so SPOOKY!" He's really into suspenseful things right now, I hope my playing along with this game is not traumatizing him. He really seems to enjoy it!

Here's how our conversation went yesterday:

Cam: Oh Mommy, listen!!
Me: What is it, Bubba?
Cam: It's berry spooky.
Me: Listen, what is it?
Cam: [Whispering very quietly] It's....fruits and veggies!

The truly scary things in our day :)

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Lori said...

Spooky is better than JJ's favorite word, "POOPY" but sounds like they use it with the same frequency!