Thoughts On The Big P.T.

The big P.T.

You know, potty training? Have you tried it? NOT fun. I've just spent six days in a potty-soaked stupor, trying to encourage my 2 1/2 year old son to make use of the handy dandy disposal system we call the toilet. I came in armed with cute underwear for tiny buns, mountains of M&M's, stickers, an econo-sized jug of Resolve, and plenty of determination and enthusiasm.

Alas, I've been defeated.

Cameron is interested in using neither the potty chair nor the toilet, and he is also now scared and sneaky when it's time for him to relieve himself. We didn't do pull-ups, we did straight underwear for what surely could've been 3 weeks. I washed sheets, underwear, shorts and mattress pads like it was my sole occupation, and I scrubbed the most obscure corners of carpet where the little potty monster would escape to and do his dirty work.

It apparently took me all of six days to fully grasp the fact that Cam is simply not ready to make this step. He does not get bothered by dirty or wet underwear. He gets scared when he hears his deposits go into the toilet and wants to be held. He runs away from me whenever I approach him because he fears I will run him to the bathroom for another try.

Accepting the fact that it's not quite time yet was certainly hard(est) for me. I wanted to be a great, encouraging mom...a cheerleader, supporter, and ever-patient saint who gently guided my son in the ways of the toilet. I feel most of all like I failed Cameron, so it was hard for me to resign to being done for a little while. I don't like to leave projects unfinished, and I HATE giving up on something I've set out to do. I'm an athlete, a competitor, a coach. I don't like failing.

But, it's not time. It just can't be time! And if you can't train 'em, at least come up with entertaining antics to keep yourself from sitting down and rocking yourself to sleep on the cold tile floor :)

Here are a few of my observations:

Most sweets, carbs, and definitely all fats should be removed from the home during potty training. I am pregnant and tending a little more toward these things than normal...but I'm pretty sure I gained 5 lbs. from the stress.

Your nose starts to trick you. I kept asking Caleb, does this smell like pee? Every inch of absorbent material is a possible accident spot. Urine on the brain!

Also, after this week, the smell of Resolve carpet cleaner = puke.

Potty training makes everyone cry. Brother (EVERY TIME), mom, and sister. Maybe I'll just have Elly train Cameron?

Instead of the "potty train," I propose a re-naming to the "potty plane." Takeoff always makes you nervous, there will likely be much turbulence along the way...and there is always a chance you might crash :)

This time, this mommy's potty plane/train/automobile crashed and burned. Here's to the next try (and perhaps some counseling...)!


Candice said...

I'm with ya, Michelle. I feel like such a potty training failure. Matthew (at 3 1/2) has just now got the pee thing down. He announced yesterday that he doesn't poop in the potty (just pee). After throwing away many pairs of underwear too disgusting to scrape out, we're back to pull ups.

He's pretty motivated to keep his characters dry on the front of the pulls ups, but at least I can throw the huge poopy messes in the toilet (or garbage.) Hopefully he'll change his mind soon. No amount of bribing/enlightening lectures by me are making any bit of difference.

Potty training is not for the faint of heart, is it? I so wish our boys were the ones who decide one day and there's no looking back. Maybe the girls will be easier?? In the meantime, enjoy the ease and cleanliness of the diapers. :)

Jensens said...

It will come Michelle!! I was actually dreading the whole potty training thing and wanted to send him away and have him come back a wonderful toilet goer!! :) Now he is wonderful at going pee on the potty. He will actually get mad at himself if he starts to go and has woke up in the middle of sleeping to go!! It the poop thing that we can't get down. He refuses to go. he will tell us he is going to go hide (and that means he is going to poop.) we are in pull ups because I was tired of washing underwear if I didn't just throw them away!! So in time he will be there!! :)