Yes, No

Here's what we've been up to lately!
Thanks Janel @ Team Sullivan for this cute photo idea!!

YES, Cameron sometimes gets out of bed before naptime is really over.

NO, Elly doesn't mind her tan lines.
Or running around without clothes on...

YES, he loves chocolate cake as much as his Momma.

NO, he won't hold still to let you take a picture...

YES, our Mom only lets us play with the safest toys.

NO, Elly did not share any of her M&M's with me this weekend.

YES, Cam & Chi were mistaken for twins a couple of times.
My pregnant belly and I got some interesting looks...

NO, Mom, the soup isn't done yet!
Chi's was "meat and potatoes" and Cam's was "cheese and peas."

YES, it's tough holding your own with these two boys...
but somehow, Elly managed ;)


Lori said...

Love it! I think Elly might be the bruiser in the family. She will have to be to stay on top of two boys! :)

Janel said...

Loved it!

The Arnold Family said...

Cute pics!