I'm getting more and more excited to meet my newest baby boy each day. I laugh when I look at Cameron and Elly, two carbon copies of me and Caleb, respectively. Will we get a boy that looks like his Daddy? Another blondie? A hybrid? It's so much fun to imagine, and no matter what, I think I'll be surprised what he looks like! (All I can imagine right now is another Cameron!)

Another question looming in my mind is what this little boy will be named. Caleb and I each have our favorites, but we can't agree. We definitely want his name to hold significance, and of course to sound really good ;) People keep asking me what his name will be, and I can honestly say I have no idea at this point!

Poor Elly wasn't really narrowed down until about a week before she was born, so we're following protocol as far as that goes. I think that when we decide, we'll probably keep the name a surprise until he's born, and also go in with a couple options. That's what we did with both Cameron and Elly, and the moment we saw them, we knew "who" they were!

So I'm wondering, blogging friends, do you have any suggestions? Requests: we likely can't do a one-syllable name, because "Sieh" needs more to go with it. We (OK, I) don't want it to sound too much like "Cameron," both because I want this guy to have his own niche and I know I'll get confused anyway! (Caleb likes a name that starts with a C and ends in "on.")

Heard any great names lately? We're not TOO avant garde, but also not necessarily traditional. Although we don't oppose traditional or Biblical names either...

Just for the record, here are the meanings behind Cameron and Elly's names:

Cameron Christian
Cameron has always been Caleb's FAVORITE little boy name. A speaker came to Caleb's Dad's church when he was little, and had a son named Cameron, and he's liked it since then. Cam's middle name, Christian, is also Caleb's middle name, and obviously means "follower of Christ." We pray that he would not only be a follower of Christ, but lead others to know Him.

Elly Mariah
Elly means "light." I saw this spelling and loved it, it seemed graceful to me and different than the traditional Ellie. Mariah means "God is my teacher." God taught us (especially me) so much about trusting Him during my pregnancy and preparation for two children 17 months apart. We pray that Elly would have a teachable, gentle and humble spirit before the Lord.

Any input would be much appreciated, even just to run them by Caleb! I love talking baby names anytime - even when I'm not pregnant - so this post is fun for me regardless of the circumstances! Thanks all!

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Susan said...

Your dad suggests George. Oh, sorry. Only one syllable :)

Lori said...

I like baby names too. But for some reason I keep coming up with girl names. Guess I'm not much help! But I do like Josie Rae for the record.

Janel said...

I LOVED Tucker for a boy name, but we stuck with the J theme instead. I also like Malachi and I have another one in my head somewhere. If I think of it I'll email it to you. This was fun!

Alicia Marie said...

Ummm... i like Jackson and Gabriel, but won't be able to use them! Good luck

I.S. said...

Having worked at a job where I looked at kids names all day long for weeks on end, my primary advice is to not name him "Hunter". Hunters seem to have identity issues or something because we could never match them in our databases, indicating that they went by a different name either in school or at home.
I'm partial to Calvin, but only because of Calvin and Hobbes, and it sounds too similar to Cameron. I'm not sure I want to wish that upon your child anyway... But you could say he was named after John Calvin!