You know in college, in the dorms, when it was an especially funny prank to steal someone's towel from the community bathroom while they were showering...leaving them to try and figure out a way to get back to their room sans resources? (I lived in an all-female dormitory).

Well, this morning, my sweet little DAUGHTER played that prank on me! I was a bit lazy, so I didn't get my shower until Caleb had already left. I entrusted the kids to the proper care of Veggie Tales and was off for a hot, relaxing, 5-7 minute shower when the door popped open, Elly toddled on in, gave me the cheesiest smile, grabbed my towel and toddled out again! Apparently, she was ready for some relaxation and thought it would do as a makeshift blanket while hers was in the wash!

She was in and out in less than a minute, leaving me to laugh my way through the rest of my shower. When I was done, I called and pleaded to Cameron to bring me the pink towel. She must have ditched it, because I didn't hear a struggle...and it was returned to the bathroom with a "you welcome, Mommy."

I must admit that I pulled my share of pranks in my dorm days (towel stealing perhaps included), but they were all paid back to me MORE than double. Who knew I'd be getting retribution from a second generation...my own children?! Fun way to start my Saturday :)

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The Arnold Family said...

Funny! Next time you'll have to chain it to the towel rack.