It's still hard for me to organize my thoughts in paragraph form (combo of the move and severe pregnancy brain), so I'm going to do my best to summarize our update in little blurbs. Tidbits, if you will :)

Number one most important...the kids are adjusting SO well. We had a couple rough nights of sleep, along with one Mommy meltdown-inducing comment from my son, "I want my OLD house," but they are doing great now! Cameron loves his new house and has to show every visitor his "new" room - decorated just like his old one (MN Twins), but this one came pre-carpeted in RED. He thinks it's pretty awesome. I'll take pictures of the rooms and post sometime soon.

I am now the owner/aquire-ee of anywhere from 8-11 farm cats. I grew up with cats, and anyone who knows me knows I am not their biggest fan. There is (as of last night, sad highway accident) only one mother cat and 9 babies. The little ones sure are cute, and the word is they keep the house mouse-free come combine time. We're not friends, but we are allies. :)

Caleb is currently commuting 1 hour and 15 minutes ONE-WAY to work. It has been rough on everyone, but we're trying our best to pray through it and be patient for whatever God's will is in this time of transition. Still incredibly thankful for employment and health insurance for our little ones. Thank you, Lord!

I have a doctor here in Iowa, a doctor who a couple friends from church have gone to and liked a lot. The practice itself was also highly recommended, so I'm feeling at ease about this area of life. the C-SECTION IS SCHEDULED for November 17 at noon, so the countdown is ON! Coming up on only a month left, and my nesting is in hyperdrive. Not such a bad thing when there is still a bit of unpacking to do.

The baby boy name choices have been significantly narrowed. We're close. That's all you get to know about that one. :)

My parents, Caleb's parents, Caleb's brother Eric and his family, and our friends from church have been such a blessing as we transition. The kids are in seventh heaven with all the family to play with. On Saturday, Cameron got to go on a 4-wheeler ride with Papa (Caleb's dad), and plans are in the works for him to ride in the combine with Grandpa (my dad). Being close to family is priceless.

I just finished paying our last round of utility bills for the Minnesota house today, so I'm starting to get a grip on what will be our regular bill-paying routine. This is super important for me - it makes me feel much better to have it all ironed out before the baby comes.

I'm loving being "home," that is, where I grew up, right around harvest time. There is just something about the [exceedingly, lately] crisp air, the crops coming out of the fields, and the crunch of leaves under your feet that isn't the same in the city. It smells like cross country outside to me - also a product of my upbringing. :)

Hmmmm...what have I left out? A lot, I'm sure. Cameron had one day of accidents, but hasn't since regressed on his potty training - PTL!! Elly has so much going on in that little brain, but refuses to talk - she basically just nods and mumbles to express herself. I know she could talk...but she won't until she decides it's time. For now, we're hearing "dada," "ball," "car," and the occasional "mama." Lil' stinker! Lots of kisses and cuddles though, which I'll take any day.

I miss a few things about Minnesota. Namely our wonderful friends and the cross country team. It's hard to be away from them. But the Lord has kept us connected in many ways, and I know we're here for a reason. Not just "oh, we moved back, so we'll settle in," but a God-inspired reason. Praying in anticipation as He continues to reveal His plan.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers, well-wishes, and help before, during, and after the move. Every single act - tangible, emotional, whatever - is greatly appreciated!!


Lori said...

I enjoyed your tidbits and catching up. Caleb will start to enjoy his commute and his time alone. Remind him to open his mind AND ears during that time of worship in his car. There's no better praise and worship time than in your car in Iowa :)
If you EVER need a last minute sitter, give us a call!

Rae Nolt said...

Love your post!

Praying for you as you settle in even more! Excited to hear about your baby! (and the name!)

Enjoy your day! :)

Annie said...

When we initially moved back, from Seattle to Minneapolis, Mike was commuting an hour each way, and I was trying to figure out how to parent 2 children alone. The days got long, but we fell into a routine and managed to survive! You'll make it too!! Glad the move went well.

Janel said...

YAY! Glad everyone has adjusted well. I liked this tidbits post!

The Arnold Family said...

So glad to hear you are settling in and everything. What an exciting time in your life! Love reading about it all.

Jensens said...

I love reading your posts!! So glad that everyone is adjusting well! And CATS?!? PJ would be happy to hear that!! ha ha!! Also glad to hear about the C section and that you found a doctor. It will be different but don't expect it to be like your one in MN. they are all different! I had to change my opinions of the hospital here I had Zoe at cause when I visited it there were so many differences than the one in MN. (I LOVED Southdale!!) Anyway, we will continue to pray for you guys with Caleb's commute. You are so lucky to be so close to family!! We love you guys!