About The Name

Well, as most of you know, Caleb and I deliberated long and hard over what to name our baby boy. We went into his birth on Tuesday still open-minded, but were pretty sure he would be named Bennett Isaiah. When that little face peeked over the drape, I smiled a huge smile because I saw my Bennett.

This name is incredibly special to us because of the meaning behind it. Growing up, I knew a little boy named Bennett, and one night when looking up name meanings on the computer I stumbled across it. Bennett means "blessed," and even though it wasn't at the top of Caleb's list at first, I knew in my heart that this would be our son's name. One of Caleb's favorite's name was Isaiah, which means "God is salvation."

Caring for 3 children age two and under (just for another two weeks now) is never something I would've imagined Caleb and I doing. Were I in charge, I probably would've spaced them a bit further apart, certainly that would've been more reasonable. I might have waited until we had a little more saved up, or until I felt a little more recovered from my first pregnancy. BUT...the Lord had other plans.

The words I use to describe our family situation change hour-by-hour. Joyful, crazy, full of life, overwhelming...but I can sit down at the end of each day and label it with the same word: blessed. What an honor and blessing to be charged with raising three (or more) beautiful little lives. I can honestly say I am humbled by the concept.

So, Bennett Isaiah it is. Our third perfect blessing from the Giver of good gifts. We are so thankful to Him for three healthy, precious babies and can't wait for the months and years ahead!


Janel said...

I love his name! I remember little Bennett from Chapel....he isn't so little anymore! JJ's middle name is Isaiah too! :)

Alicia Marie said...

Oh i love it. Made mee tear up a bit when you talked about the little face from behind the sheet... Hope you are feeling well and keeping up with those pain meds ;) He is so so so precious!

Jamie E said...

God places such a responsibility on us to name these blessings He gives us, I love that through prayer and discernment, He leads us to the right name for our little ones. This post brought tears to my eyes.