Cameron's latest favorite thing to do is sing "America The Beautiful/God Bless America" over and over throughout the day. Yes, I have spent multiple hours a day teaching him these cherished songs, note-by-note and word-by-word. No, I haven't. The Gaither Vocal Band has, though.


This song is part of our nightly bedtime ritual - and comes right before the "big song," as Cam calls it. The CraSiehs love us some GVB...

Anyway, I'm still trying to get my crooner on video performing his rendition, because it's too cute. He really gets into the music and what he's certain are the correct words to the song. My favorite is the way he pronounces "America," which I tried to write phonetically for effect. It's literally "Ah" (as in ah-ha!) "Merry" (as in yuletide greetings) "Ca" (pronounced correctly). It's his own special dialect for that word...but he may have misinterpreted a few of the other lyrics... just a bit. ;) Enjoy!

God Bless America
Lyrics interpreted by Cameron C. Sieh

Oh beautiful for space of skies
For anger waves of grain.
For purple mountains' majesty
About a fruit and plane! (or train)

A-merry-ca, A-merry-ca
God send he grays on knee
And crown die good with brudder-hood
From sea to shiny sea!


From the mountains, to the praying,
To the oceans, white with father (!?)
GOD (with gusto) bless A-merry-ca,
My home sweet home!
GOD BLESS (more gusto) A-merry-ca,
My home sweet home!

Promise you'll be the first to see it when I do catch it on video -- he's a little camera-shy! :) It's super-duper precious!!!

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Lori said...

Can he do special music for us next Sunday? :D