Favorite Little Faces

Because APRIL (yikes!) was the last time you saw photos of this family, I thought I'd throw in a few from November. It's been a busy month around the Sieh house...we celebrated Bennett's first birthday, had a delicious Thanksgiving, announced #4, and decorated for Christmas (Most-Excited-For-This-Endeavor Award goes to Cameron)!

Anyway...just wanted to add a few pictures and updates to liven up the blog. And, personally, I can't think of 3 cuter faces to do that with! ;)

Excited big sibs getting ready for Bennett's first birthday party.
Elly is commanding Cameron to pose or smile in a particular way, no doubt.

Pre-Thanksgiving feast snooze with Daddy. One year and one week old. *tear*

Ummm...who stole my chubby little baby and replaced him with this lean & mean little boy? Bennett's appetite is still the same (ravenous) but he's burning it off like crazy! Probably all those stairs he climbs.
More on that later though...

Silly brothers. Bennett absolutely ADORES Cameron. Like, lengthy embrace in the morning and after each nap. Cam is such an amazing big brother...patient and extremely enduring :)

My princess girl :) Always posing, performing and continually wrapping Daddy around her little finger. Notice the belly and UNDIES in this picture...she is POTTY TRAINED! Hallelujah and Amen. It was 100 times easier with her than Cam! Only one child in diapers?? Luxurious :)

Enjoy my favorite little faces :) Hope to upload a pic of the very littlest face soon!


Jamie Willow said...

awh! they are growing so fast. love their little faces too!

Alicia Marie said...

Your kids are so cute. I really really like your Christmas tree! I am in the desperate-he-has-to-be-naked-to-go stages of potty training!!! Any advice?!?!

Bree Williamson said...

This is just precious Michelle. I love your family! But you forgot pictures of you and Caleb :)