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I have fallen off the wagon. I let my blogging slip away in the days leading up to Christmas, then my two dear sons got consecutive cases of the (complete, total, violent and dehydrating) stomach flu. It's a full time job to take care of little ones with these maladies, provided you don't want various fluids soaking into your carpet or on your other loved ones.

Lots of Lysol, lots of laundry :)

I look at my blogger friends' renditions of their Christmases and I'm intimidated. I didn't get as many pictures as I would've wanted, I didn't make fantastic meals or present immaculate gifts. Nobody could play in the beautiful snow. No one's tummy was well enough for peppermint hot chocolate.

I know people don't think of it that way, but I'm browsing around and thinking...hmm...I don't have the detailed account I would've liked to share. My memory is fuzzy - lots of late nights, early mornings, and hours in the bathroom. My poor kids... :( I can't get the Christmas card uploaded for all to see because our printer no longer recognizes Caleb's work computer...ha! So, it's hard for me to get back on the bus right now.

I'll tell you what I did have, though.

I had 5-7 days of near lockdown with three incredibly precious children.

I had a wonderful Christmas celebration with my amazing husband, who, coincidentally (thank you, Lord) had a few days off before Christmas to help with round one of flu, and picked up my slack throughout the holiday :)

I was able to surprise said husband on his 30th birthday with a party at his fave guy restaurant, complete with friends and cake. My amazing Mom stayed home with the ailing (i.e. nothing staying in his stomach, for even 5 minutes) 1-year-old, and my mom- and dad-in-law loved on Cameron and Elly while I whisked him to the "big city" for our celebration. More on that later.

We were able to attend Christmases with both sides of the family, where we laughed, ate, loved, and our babies received PRAYER from the entire family for a complete recovery. Truly awesome...

I got to dress up my daughter in sparkly dresses, shoes, barrettes, and all sorts of ridiculous Christmas garb for 3 consecutive days. We both loved it :)
Because we were sick, we got to spend Sunday morning together at home. All day in PJs, relaxing, opening stockings and gifts at a snail's pace and enjoying every moment.

I heard more questions, quotations, and ponderings from my children regarding Christmas than I could've imagined...most made me laugh out loud. More on that later, too :)

I remembered how thankful I am for a warm home, health insurance, loving family, an amazing job for my husband, the privilege it is to stay home with my children, and my SAVIOR - my Jesus - born on that Christmas Day.

I got to spend much, much more time cuddling with my 4-year-old, 2.5-year-old, and 1-year-old talking, rocking, watching Christmas movies and reading books than I would've in any other situation, I'm sure of it. Time was made to spend so near to them. I must confess...I loved that part of it. We loved and prayed a lot. And they will never be 4, 2, and 1 on Christmas again. Time was set aside (albeit by a gross sickness) to cherish.

And despite what I don't have...

...I sure do have an awful lot to be thankful for.

Very merry, very belated Christmas to you all! I'm doing my best to stay in the game!! :)


Janel said...

LOVE YA Michelle! You are so blessed!

Jamie Willow said...

I love your picture and your account of your holiday...it sounds perfect in it's own imperfect way :) life is beautiful!

Susan said...

Thanks for reminding us that Christmas is love, not all the "other stuff" :) And we miss you already!