Baby Business

And now...finally...I mean it's been three weeks...


Sweet baby #4!!

Since I don't currently have scanning abilities, a picture of the picture will have to do. Same sweet little nose as his three older siblings, and same (extra large) noggin, too :) His profile is looking awfully similar to both brothers', but my prediction is that he's going to arrive looking more like his sister, with dark hair, skin, eyes, and a little longer face than Cam or Bennett. Don't know why, just my guess :)

We got a 4D ultrasound as well, though the little guy wouldn't cooperate to let us see much of his face. He had his arms curled under his chin and placed over his profile (again, like his brothers) almost the entire time, so we didn't get to see much feature-wise (which is actually OK with me...a little surprise is good!) He is active and healthy, and had the hiccups several times during the process! I was glad to see him movin' and groovin', because I haven't felt as many of those precious baby kicks this time around. Something about how he's positioned (probably also scarring from two c-sections) has limited my feeling up to this point.

Even though baby boy was measuring for June 3, the doctor is still going with my original (guesstimate) dates and assigning a due date of May 22. I thought that it was changed to June 1 as of my last appointment, but I found out he's staying with the May date for now, unless my tummy starts measuring small (ha.hahaha.ha. really??) So...we shall see! As long as the 5.22 date sticks, we'd schedule a c-section for the week prior, which would likely put his birthday on May 16, 17, or 18 (Elly's due date)! Looks like a May birthday buddy for the princess!

People have asked me if I'm sad that the baby is not a sister for Elly, and I can honestly say that I'm not in the slightest. It would be wonderful for her to have a sister, yes, but I'm not in charge of that decision. I personally think Elly was born to hang with the boys, and I think she'll do just fine :) The part I'm having trouble coping with emotionally are the bins full of baby girl clothes in the basement I'll have to look at someday...sigh. My sister-in-law just found out that they are having a baby girl in June, though, so it looks like I'll be seeing those sweet summer dresses around after all. Can't wait to have a baby niece, either :)

Just wanted to report that all is well in babyland! Siblings are preparing mentally...Cam asks daily if his brother is ready to come out yet, Elly kisses and talks to my belly, and Bennett has recently taken to hugging and holding baby dolls and stuffed animals rather than body slamming them (good sign). Can't wait to meet you in May, little man!

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