Fly On The Wall

I have SO been enjoying the interactions I've observed between Cameron and Elly lately. They really are becoming the best of friends, and it's amazing to watch. This doesn't mean, however, that they won't turn into the fiercest of foes if the wrong toy or activity comes between them...but when the rubber hits the road they're in it together for life :)

Here are some of the creative playtimes I've overheard and/or witnessed:

Playing "stomach flu." Elly is the sick little girl and Cameron is the Daddy. She sits on the couch and tells him she doesn't feel good, and this prompts the Daddy to bring her a small pot from the [play] kitchen. She proceeds to "vomit" in said pot, then Daddy takes it and dumps it out in the sink. He tucks her into bed to rest, gives her some kisses on the forehead and covers her up with 4-5 blankets, then reports to Mommy (me), that she is too sick to go to church tonight. Gross, yet still so precious? ♥

Pretending "we just got married." Elly puts on her sparkly necklace, bracelet, pink shiny shoes, princess crown and wand. They walk through the breezeway, kitchen and living room holding hands. When they arrive at the couch, they announce that they just got married, give each other hugs, then break into dance (?) This one had me rolling today. Definitely brought about by increased curiosity in the wedding photo hanging in our living room. "Wow, Mommy, you looked beautiful in that picture. Someday, when you get little like me, you can wear that dress again." HA... ♥

Cameron assuring Elly "I'll protect you." Since a children's church lesson on The Good Samaritan (and the "bullies" who left the man on the side of the road) there has been much talk about bullies in our home. Cameron lets Elly know ALLLLL the time that he will "pritect" her from all the "bollies" and that she is on his team. The bad guys and bullies aren't on his team, but Elly is. "Mommy, Elly is my best sister." ♥

Frequently they are Mommy and Daddy to Elly's baby dolls. She has about 4 she plays with on a regular basis, pushing them around in her shopping cart, feeding and caring for them, etc. Cam passes in and out of noticing them and caring nothing for them, but sometimes he engages and plays right along with her. Evidently, they have quadruplets, or at least 4 children very close in age (surely don't know where they'd get that wild idea from). Together they parent their babies. Sometimes, I find all 4 tucked into our bed, sometimes they each have their own throw pillow and blanket. Sometimes they each have a chair, plate and fork at the table, and sometimes they are all "havin' bad attitudes" and in a timeout... :) Daddy goes to work and ALL the babies ALWAYS cry...but he assures them he'll be back for lunch and will cuddle them then. ♥

We've become puzzle fanatics at our house since Christmas. Both of them got new puzzles in their stockings and as gifts, so we put them together several times a day. Cam has it down to a science and always finishes quickly. Elly is getting there but needs a little help sometimes...and it amazes me how patient her brother is with her and how he tries to teach her the right way to put them together :) Sometimes, she won't tolerate his invasion of her personal space...but sometimes, she is teachable and cooperative...and Cam loves to TEACH :) I see a gift building here... ♥

This is an older escapade, but still I must share. Around Christmastime, when we were mostly house-ridden, I frequently caught Cam talking to Elly about the Christmas story. Baby Jesus mostly, but also the animals in the stable with him, the stars in the sky, and the wise men. One night at supper, he wasn't touching his food, so we told him he needed to eat some of it at least...that some kids didn't even get a bite of supper at night. He took a bite, thought about it for awhile and said, "Yep, some kids like baby Jesus don't have food. But that's why the wise men brought him some." Curious. "What did the wise men bring to baby Jesus? "They brought him two fish...and five loaves-a-bread." Well...at least we're in the Bible... :) ♥

I love listening in on playtime and what I hear...and as always I'm so blessed to be near my babies each day to hear it :) Thanks for sharing my silly, simple joy!


Lori said...

Love these stories. So glad you can witness the love :).

Alicia Marie said...

I love your stories. Makes me excited to see how Colin and Jack will interact. They all ready are pretty fun and loads of trouble and Colin is only 6 months old.

How does Bennett interact with his siblings?

I don't know how you do it with 3 so young. You are such a great example for new mommies like me!

Michelle said...

Alicia, good point - this post was void of Bennett :( I will post about him sometime this weekend :)

Basically, he's the ULTIMATE little brother :) He likes to harass, tackle, mess up, and pester :) :) :)

Colin and Jack will be great friends!! They learn how to play together AND how to disagree healthily at home!!!!