Babies' First Fair

Extra-cheesy family shot. Minus Dad.

The Sieh fam spent this past Monday at the Minnesota State Fair. It took much convincing to get Caleb to agree to this venture (I grew up attending the county/state fair regularly), but once he was there he could not stop telling me how much he enjoyed it!

Cameron was in heaven, walking down the street surrounded by bright colored balloons, music from every corner, and lots of smiling kiddos. Thankfully, he's too young for the midway, so we didn't have to worry about greasy, disease-laden rides this year. We instead opted to visit merchants' tents and collect a variety of freebies (I got a FREE full-size Loreal mascara!!!), then proceeded to the livestock area where Cam got to see his first real-life horses, cattle, pigs and sheep. He LOVED.

I was not particularly adventurous in the fair food department, mostly because I'm pretty frugal and would rather spend money on something I know will be delicious than take a gamble on something-fried-on-a-stick. So we had a tasty sandwich and fries, as well as a chocolate shake from the dairy barn. We were on a hunt for Sweet Martha's cookies when Cam decided the day was done. It was time to head home.

This year's version of the fair was short, sweet, ideally sunny and, I believe, the start of a wonderful new family tradition! Perfect.

Completely and totally his father's doing. Mostly to aggravate Packer family members.


Jamie Willow said...

oh sad you had to leave before sweet martha! oh well, you can always go another day :)

sounds like you had a blast!


Michelle said...

Hi Jamie!!

MISS YOU!! Glad we can stay connected this way. :)