My sweet little Elly Mariah is quite the princess. A.demanding.baby. Cameron was so painfully easy, I knew I was in for something special with my girl. I prayed for a content heart and a calm spirit. Only the Lord knows why, and I know she'll do great things for Him, but this girl is already on a MISSION.

I hesitate to call Elly colicky - she doesn't cry all the time. She cries only when she's not being held. Or she has gas. Or she's hungry. Or she's just a smidge uncomfortable. She doesn't just whimper or whine - it's the full force, belt it out, sweat on the upper lip wail that will wake any napping toddler and get the neighbor's dog barking.

SO, I call it "colicious." A cross between colic and delicious - because once she has precisely what she wants, she stops crying and turns on the toothache-inducing sweetness. Smiling, cooing, imitating whomever she pleases and promptly melting their heart. Exhausting, yet strangely gratifying.

I keep wishing, hoping, praying that this is a stage she'll pass through soon. So far, no luck. My little diva...


Mrs. B. said...

Yay! A Sieh blog! I've been waiting, you know...
Your Elly sounds a whole lot like my Evie!

Michelle said...


I think you're right - they are two peas on a pod. Perfect...if Cam & Evie hook up - instant sister/friends :)