Banished Baby Names

I'm hoping some of you mamas and mamas-to-be-someday out there will join me on this one.

Before I married Caleb, I had a whole list of baby names that I thought would be just perfect for my little ones someday. This list of course changed and grew over time (no more Jessica Elizabeth like I wanted in the 80s).

He is just the man for me, and boy oh boy do we make cute kids...BUT, by virtue of our last name (Sieh, pronounced See), there are a few names I had to strike from my list. And the striking was quite painful. I could just see my little cherubs trotting around and me calling them back by their precious names.

Here is my list of banished names *tear*:

My all-time fave. May-see-see just doesn't cut it. I even tried reasoning with Caleb that she would only have her current last name for the first third of her life.
First and last name both being bodies of water...not so much.

Maxwell (Max)
Max-see. Maxi. Sad for him in elementary school. I could never do it.
Was "Reesees" not what most of us called the candies from E.T.? Even though it was grammatically incorrect...

I am convinced I had more, but I asked the Lord to help me release them from my mind so I would no longer be saddened by them! :) And I must admit, I did end up with two very sweet names that I love, love, love.

So, mom friends, do/did you have baby names that you always wanted to use for your sweet ones, but by virtue of marriage to your wonderful husband and the acquisition of his last name, were unable to? Or even names that you were just SURE were perfect, but have faded over time?


StephG said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I found your blog thanks to "She's Starcrossed".

When I was reading your latest post you mentioned a girls name from the 80's...Jessica Elizabeth.

My jaw must have dropped when I read it because that was the exact name I wanted for my daughter when I was 13 & 14! It was so crazy to read that...it was like it was me!!!

It ended up changing to Jessica Rose eventually, but for the longest time it was Jessica Elizabeth.

I actually ended up naming my daughter exactly what I said I would when I was 16. I read her name in a Christian, fiction novel...and stuck with it until she was born. Her name is Afton Sophia...

Mike picked out our son's name, Caleb Thomas.

That's my book for now :)

Happy blogging!

Michelle said...

Hi stephg!

It's so funny - I think I got that name from the "Baby Sitter's Little Sister" series. There were twins named Elizabeth and Jessica :)

I LOVE Afton and Caleb (my husband's name!) You chose beautiful names!!

Thanks for the hello and comment! :)