"Momma, Will You?"

I took Cameron to the library for the first time today. He was in H-E-A-V-E-N. We found a good assortment of board and easy-reader books, which he promptly came home to enjoy.

My absolute favorite find of this trip was "Momma, Will You?"

By Dori Chaconas (she's from Wisconsin!)

I am already thinking about buying it. I love the sing-song, yet gentle rhymes, and the beautiful, calming illustrations. Plus, it's about a Momma (what Cam calls me), a little boy and his baby sister, who he calls "baby." So much like our days together! It has babies, farm animals (I grew up on a farm), and actually ends with the Mom putting her babies to sleep (in the same room, something we need to achieve SOON). It's a perfect before-bed book!

Here is a just a little excerpt:

Momma, will you wash the pig?

Yes or no or maybe?

In the tub! He's not too big.

Wash him with our baby.

Yes, we'll wash the little pig,

But not in baby's tub!

First, we'll wash our baby's cheeks

And give your knees a scrub.

Momma, will you catch a wren?
Yes or no or maybe?

Put him in a cage, and then
He will sing for baby.

No, we will not catch a wren,

For wild things should fly free.

But I will sing a song for you,

And you sing one for me.

Momma, will you fetch the pup?
Yes or no or maybe?

Hold him close to cuddle up

With you and me and baby.

Maybe I will fetch the pup,

Which likes my children's kisses.

But I will watch and quickly take

Any that he misses.

Cameron adores this one. He said "Bye bye, book" when it was time for bed. He's my little reader and my little snuggler. You must read this book with your babies, too!

My lil' bookworm. He's so engrossed, he's drooling.


dorichaconas said...

Thank you, Michelle, for the nice words about my book. I'm glad you and Cameron enjoy it!

Dori Chaconas

Michelle said...

Hello Dori,

I am SO honored you found my blog!! We absolutely adore your book - and we'll be headed out soon to find more! Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift!!!

Mrs. B. said...

Oh, I'll have to look for this one! :)