Baby Crack

Haha. I've heard this referred to as "Baby Crack." Kids that won't eat regular meals are put on PediaSure to sustain nutrition and/or to add calories to their diets.

When Cam was barely cracking 21 lbs at 20 months, he went to see a gastroenterologist. She prescribed him -- much to my horror -- 3 bottles of PediaSure a day. I was afraid he'd love the sweet flavor and start rejecting other foods. Thankfully, that hasn't happened yet. He actually begs me for milk and water instead, and still does a pretty good job eating regular meals.

I just think it's funny - it does taste kind of like a milkshake. I am just hoping and praying he continues to love regular food (like he always has) while we experiment. We go back to the doc next week and we're hoping he's gained at least a pound or so in the month! Please pray that this solution works and we don't have to take the next step - more scans, pokes, prods and tests.

Cheers to Baby Crack!

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The Arnold Family said...

We LIVED at that stage when Ty was a baby. She was always in like the 1st percentile for her weight. I always had that stuff on hand. When she wouldn't eat anything else she would drink the stuff! Never heard it called Baby Crack. Haha good to now be "in the know".