Happy Accident

As I was headed home from the store two days ago with the economy-sized tub of liquid fabric softener on the passenger's side floor, a kind gentleman in front of me decided (at the last second) to observe the yellow light above him, requiring me to also observe it (oops). I SLAMMED on the brakes, both children yelped and the tub tipped over.

Ten minutes later, when we arrived home, I realized the lid on the softener had also been jarred a bit loose in the incident. About 1/4 of the floor mat was soaked with Suavitel (my fav because it smells SO strong, yum). Thankfully, Caleb was home, whisked the kids away and I got to work trying to scrub it out before it left greasy residue. It worked, after 3 rags worth of sopping and soaking.

But yesterday, when I got in the car, I was pleasantly surprised to experience the enticing aroma of freshly-washed clothes as I sat down the driver's seat. There are few smells I love more than fresh laundry. My happy little accident has created a unique-smelling, built-in air freshener! You can't get that scent in the little green trees!

Nothing about my car makes me happier than it smelling less like the dwelling place of a toddler and infant. I may have just invented something!


Jamie E said...

cool side effect!

Tim Austin said...

So did you hit it hard with the Oxi-clean? If you need my super-chamois I can loan it to you!!!

The Arnold Family said...

Mmm sounds (smells?) good!