Garage Sale?

We have neighbors across the way who make quite the business of garage sale-ing. They have signs, flags, tables, and fanny packs...and twice a year (spring and fall) they haul out the goods for a large party in their driveway.

I believe that these kind people are misguided...misinformed as to the concept of what a garage sale is. I've ventured over twice now, and both times was surprised at what I saw. Let me illustrate a few of the things going on at this particular sale:

1. These people never park their cars in the garage. I am convinced the garage is simply another room for them -- a device to store accumulated goods that could perhaps be re-sold.

2. Judging from what I know about this family (older couple...I'd guess 50s or so), they may very well be PURCHASING or acquiring goods for the specific purpose of re-selling them for a profit at their garage sales (see: the free cans of formula you get in the mail when you sign up, lots of newer, slightly used toys, etc.)

3. Prices on items are outlandish for a garage sale - I am immediately disinterested when I can get things on clearance (maybe even sale?) and brand new for cheaper than their sticker price.

4. The entire front staircase and entrance to the house was covered with icky.used.stuffed.animals. A scary amount of plush (I'd say 30 animals)...it was like a creepy, beady-eyed greeting committee.

5. If you did not catch it above -- they have FLAGS. They drape flags from their deck across their yard to their driveway and back. The kind that are at the finish lines of cross country races. This is serious stuff!

I ventured over after a morning walk to check out a children's table that caught my eye. It was pretty rickety and only had two chairs, but was the perfect size for Cameron to use for fun right now. I'm thinking -- maybe they want $10 for it? It wasn't painted. Okay, $15? WRONG. $40 was the price on the sticker! I also passed by a wagon for $40 and some battered kids' books for $2 each.

At the risk of sounding like a crotchety old neighbor, aren't garage sales supposed to be an opportunity to get rid of things? To make some space and maybe collect a small sum of money in the process? These people are attempting to turn a profit! It's like their own little small business!



Mrs. B. said...

Oh Lordy. I hate garage-sale stuffed animals. They smell funky and must be germ ridden.

The Arnold Family said...

Yeah. That wouldn't fly in this town. We have SO MANY thrift type stores here, you can find just about anything. :)

Jamie E said...

hmmm, I would've passed it up too. Kids books, even EUC-25-50 cents period!
Part of the purpose too of getting all that crap out onto your driveway is to remind yourself to STOP acquiring, yikes!

Natalie said...

very funny. I just had a garage sale and sold everything for a dollar.