Ear Infections 'R' Us

Why are my babies "sick magnets?" It seems we cannot go even a week without contracting some new virus, infection, or going through a stage in life where they feel icky. I truly wish I could take on the sickness and spare their poor little bodies. I really, really hate baby fevers. They make me feel helpless.

Cameron slept about two hours on Friday night, he was in so much pain. Finally got him to urgent care yesterday after trucking him around to the XC meet (what a trooper!) His left ear in infected and his right ear is VERY infected according to the doctor who said she recognized me! Ha!! I didn't know I spent that much time at the hospital (I'd never seen her before)!!

Elly was an ANGEL at the meet -- no crying in her carseat, letting everyone hold her, being generally snuggly, etc. But this was explained by this morning's 101.5 fever. We'll see how she does and consider the doctor tomorrow.

I had all the necessary medications on the counter, ready to dispense at a moment's notice and it looked so funny, I had to take a picture.

The lineup, left to right: Cam's tylenol, Elly's tylenol, Cam's ibuprofen, Elly's ibuprofen, Cam's antibiotic.

This doesn't include the levothyroxine Elly takes each day, the vitamins they each take, the nose drops and booger sucker which help me clear the airways, or the baby orajel for teething. I feel a bit like a short-order pharmacy tech??!

So - I'm trying to REDEEM this season instead of resenting it. Trying to enjoy the moments of cuddling with my babies, no matter what time, day or night. Thankful we have an HSA and we can pay for medicine and dr visits tax-free. Thankful we have health insurance and are able to treat them. Thank you, Lord, for these things. Even when they're sick, they're the very sweetest babies!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope the babies feel better soon! Mine sure had a lot of ear infections as a little one, but he finally got over that. I hope yours will, too. And the picture of the medicine is just hilarious!