I'm a Bad Aunt

(NOTE: This was supposed to post on Friday late at night, but apparently it saved as a draft. Kinda ironic, considering I was apologizing for missing something already...ahh).

I forgot to call my niece today - it was her 11th birthday. Caleb and I had a miscommunication. He thought I was calling, I thought he was calling. I feel horrible.

Ashley Christine is her name - she's the oldest grandchild on the Sieh side and she's sweet as can be. She has the most generous heart, the most sensitive spirit and the most contagious giggles. She's everything you could ever want in a big sister, niece or oldest cousin. She takes care of everyone and even dishes it back to Caleb when he gives her a hard time (GO, GIRL)!

I just want everyone to know that I am celebrating my sweet niece today! I love you Ashley and you are truly a blessing in our lives!!

Jocelyn, Caleb and birthday girl Ashley. Last Christmas.

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