Digging for Treasure

In just the past 4-5 days, the following items have been removed from my son's nasal passages using various forms of extraction:

A nickel-sized piece of bacon (rolled up)
Half a stem from a dried leaf
A piece of foam (origin unknown)
The entire tail of a goldfish cracker
A hefty hunk of sourdough
A nub of baby carrot
A raisin (typical)
Piece of string cheese (kinda melted)

This is most definitely Cam's current "phase" -- sticking anything and EVERYTHING up his nose or into his ears. Quite entertaining after the fact, but also a bit scary considering I don't always retrieve the entire item, or I miss an item completely until it comes shooting out at me with great velocity from a monster sneeze.

The poor boy does have some family history. My Mother-in-Law has told me of the [multiple] times she took my beloved to the doctor as a child for help in removing Lego flowers from his nose. And my grandpa once shoved seed corn so far up his nose that it took root and SPROUTED -- kid you not -- nobody figured it out until they had to take him to the doctor because it started to ferment and smell. Eeew!

We've tried various things to get him to cease and desist. Nothing has worked. It's like he has an uncontrollable itch up there that he must scratch. Mealtime is very closely monitored. Just hoping nothing's growing up there.

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Jamie E said...

OMWORD! That is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!

Allie kept telling me she had plastic in her nose, I didn't believe her, a few days later she sneezed out some packaging.