You Know What's Worse?

You know what's even worse than washing dishes? Re-washing them after they've come out of the DISHWASHER. I don't want to be a complainer -- trust me, I'm thankful for this appliance. However, unless I pre-wash every fork, knife and spoon, the remnants from one dish will end up all over the other dishes. Note: dishwashing is my least favorite household chore. I'll dust, mop, whatever...then at the end of the day I finally have to cave.

I didn't take a picture this morning before I attacked my sink of dishes to re-wash, but my kitchen looked like a scene from Signs (you know, when the little girl fills her house with glasses of water to keep the aliens away?) I think I had at least a dozen soaking to remove the dried-on gunk. This is an appliance that needs to be on the short list for replacement! Pretty sure it's still there from when the house was built in 1986!!

Ok, I'm done. Thankful for my dishwasher!! Especially now that the air is super-dry and I'm washing my hands (post-diaper change) quite a few times each day!

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The Arnold Family said...

Ooooh yes. You have to wash your dishes before the dishwasher will wash them. Unless you get a super expensive one...

And our sink won't even stop up! We have lived in this house about a year and a half. The sink, on either side, has NEVER held water. We have tried every drain under the sun. It baffles everyone that comes to our house. Life (dishwashing) would be so much easier if I could soak dishes. But alas. I can't! It pretty much sucks.