Peas In A Pod

Cameron and Elly are getting closer and closer to being able to truly entertain each other. They already have lots of fun together. When Elly wakes up from her nap, her head is literally on a swivel, looking left and right for her brother! They're also starting to give reciprocal hugs (instead of one fighting while the other attempts to love). They're pretty good pals. See for yourself! (Okay, really just looking for an excuse to post pics of my super cuties...)


Mrs. B. said...

So cute! Evie and Beck have different skin tones just like your two. Evie is much much darker than Beck - though he's got the dark hair - he's white as a sheet and she's got some brown to her skin. So strange. :)
Your babies are precious.

The Arnold Family said...

Aww they are so cute!!!