Scary Pillsbury

Ok, you know what scares the dickens out of me? The little cans of biscuits/pizza crusts/crescent rolls that you're supposed to unwrap, then they magically pop open. And when I say pop, I mean suspensefully, unexpectedly, irregularly, POP open, and perhaps hurt your hand a little.

I can't stand it...not knowing when the little roll is going to mini-explode?! I have an irrational fear that the can is really going to combust, and the lid or the pastry inside is going to hit me in the face. I avoid using these products if at all possible, and if I need to, I make sure Caleb is home. Or I peel the label little by little, and use a knife to break the seam. I can never keep my eyes open.

Silly? Yes, I know. Still terrifying to me!

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RachelMarie said...

You are not alone. I HATE this as well. They never pop open easily and it does make you wonder if once it does, if pieces will end up everywhere.