Wanted: Valentines


Elly Mariah Sieh

Age: 8.5 months
Diaper size: 3 or 4, depending on my outfit

Recent milestones: Eating table food, scooting across the floor (almost crawling), saying "Ma Ma," "Ba," "Pa," and "Da," downsizing from 3 naps a day to 2.

Things I love: Teeny tiny bits of bread, cheese, peaches and bananas; my brother!!!!; sleeping and snuggling on my tummy with my left thumb in my mouth; watching Praise Baby and Little Einsteins with Cam; putting blocks/toys/shoes/diapers into bowls/boxes/bags; when Daddy comes home; when Daddy gives me bites of his ice cream; chewing on Cam's Hot Wheels; when Mommy comes to get me up from my nap; a rousing game of peek-a-boo.

Things I don't love: Baby food (ugh, Mom, that is so two months ago! I mean, the texture...eww...); being held down for shots or for my crazy parents to pierce my ears (I do like the sparkle, though); Mom constantly trying to comb my hair down or put it in barrettes and ponytails; napping - there's so much to get done in a day; getting my face and hands wiped after I attempt to self-feed.

Milk or Juice?: Juice, in a sippy cup, please. No way this girl is drinking out of a bottle.

Front or back of the double stroller?: Back. It's slightly elevated and I like to feel as though I'm in control, yet plenty comfortable.

Your idea of a perfect date: Well, first and foremost, my brother or Daddy would have to come along. They're my favorite guys in the world and always will be. I'd like to go dancing, preferably to praise & worship music, maybe read a few Dr. Seuss books, practice walking together, then end the evening sharing a graham cracker square.

Favorite quote: "Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of." "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."

Who is your biggest inspiration?: Gonna have to go with my Grandma B and my Mema. They're pretty amazing and always make sure I'm looking my cutest.

What would you like for Valentine's Day?: Chocolate pudding.

Cameron Christian Sieh

Age: 2 years
Diaper size: Really a 5, but Mom thinks I can still wear a 4 (she says it's easier to carry one size in the diaper bag).

Recent milestones: Sharpening my enunciation and vocabulary, working on my vertical with both feet off the floor simultaneously, scaling the heights in my own home (tables, dressers, counters), sitting at the table with my parents instead of in the high chair.

Things I love: My navy blue blankey (ladies, what can I say, I'm a secure man), my cup of water before bed, my sister!!!!!!!, berries and fruits of all kinds (daily, perhaps hourly, I ask for cranberries, raisins, grapes, blueberries, and oranges, in that order); the movie Cars and all the characters therein; my Hot Wheels cars; when Daddy gets home from work to "battle" (tackle match on the bed or couch); pepperoni and macaroni (both are "roni" to me); playing with Uncle Jay; hugging my sister; going to church nursery (recently I was asked, "What do we do at church, Cameron?" Don't know what my parents expected me to say, but I replied, "Basketball!").

Things I don't love: Potatoes (Mom wonders whose child I am), mushrooms and olives (see previous), not getting my way, sharing (working on it), not being able to play on the court during Daddy's basketball games, having to stay inside all the time, getting my teeth brushed at night, using (or the thought of using) a potty chair or -- gasp -- toilet; when my sister chews on my slippers.

Milk or Juice?: PediaSure, 16 oz. per day. Doctor's orders. Don't tell Mom, but I'll sneak some of Elly's juice, too.

Front or back of the double stroller?: Front. If Mommy doesn't buckle me in, I can slide out in less than 5 seconds.

Your idea of a perfect date: I'd find a nice, long piece of hardwood floor, and we'd race cars all night. I'd probably read her "Goodnight Moon" and get her home before 8pm bedtime.

Favorite quote: "KA-CHOW!" - Lightning McQueen

Who is your biggest inspiration?: My Grandpa B and Papa are totally awesome...they laugh at all my jokes and antics and let me get away with lots of things my parents don't.

What would you like for Valentine's Day?: For it to warm up enough to go to the park.

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