Had I Only Known...

...That the potty chair would be used for Hot Wheels storage, an odd-looking hat, or mixing up tasty batches of make-believe soup, among other things...I probably wouldn't have unveiled it so soon.

...That the "Keep Warm" setting on my Crock Pot actually meant "Continue Cooking Perfectly Done Pot Roast and Veggies Into A Boiling Oblivion"...I probably would have turned it off before we went to visit Caleb at work. Ah, well. The babes and I eat anything!

...That digging "burgers" out of Cameron's nose would become so very rewarding for him and cause him to shove his fingers up at every given opportunity...I wouldn't have made it seem like such an achievement every time he blew one out.

...That my daughter had ESP and would gag just by touching a green bean, not even tasting it...I would've done a better job of disguising the nutrition.

...That Caleb was going to use the 50 cents I gave him at the basketball game to buy Cameron a sucker and send him into an all-out, sugar-induced frenzy at 7:45pm...I most definitely would NOT have given him a dime.

Just wanted to share a few jewels from this week. Hindsight is always 20/20, yes? :)

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Andrea said...

i love these! and yes, the "keep warm" seeting is very deceptive!