Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday. Since I have a blog now, I can go beyond telling him how wonderful I think he is...and tell all my friends and family online, too. My Dad is the best. I know, I know, everyone thinks their Dad is, but he really is an all-star.

He was born and raised on a farm, and as you would expect, he is an incredibly hard worker.

He spends hours and hours in the hog building and the field (in season) each week, and never complains one iota.

He's usually up before the sun, and always up before the rest of us.

He rarely misses my siblings and my concerts, sporting events, plays, etc., etc., etc. This sometimes meant he had to go back to work after the evening event.

He is an amazing spiritual leader for our family.

He is probably the most disciplined person I know -- my ability to discipline myself is a direct result of what I learned from him.

He's incredibly selfless. In all my life, I've never seen my Dad go to the store and buy something for himself (except maybe some peanut butter cups or Twizzlers)... :)

He loves Dairy Queen. If ever we're on a road trip, you can bet we'll find a Dairy Queen along the way and stop for a Blizzard, a strawberry shake or a cherry dipped cone. YUM!!

He's excellent at making conversation with people, making them feel welcome, included and accepted.

He's always been a good athlete and supported us in all our athletic endeavors. I remember him taking us to the softball field on Sunday nights and hitting us fly balls, that was my favorite! He'd also run with me and make me "finish hard," (sprint at the end), and never let me look behind to see how far away he was. In all my races, I've always tried to finish hard, and I've never looked over my shoulder, not once!

He made me learn how to change my own tire. (Wasn't thankful at the time, but now I am). ;)

He strongly encouraged me to work in the hog building with him. If nothing else, it gave me a greater appreciation for what my parents (and grandparents) do to earn a living. Plus, how many girls could say they had processed pigs (I'll spare you the details) in their freshman orientation class in college? Not many...

He's an awesome Grandpa to Cameron & Elly...and he's already playing the same games, reading the same books, and doing the silly things I remember him doing with me as a child.

I could go on and on. I will always look up to you, Dad. Thank you for all you've taught me, and all the sacrifices you've made for us over the years. I love you! HAPPY (#??) BIRTHDAY!!

My Dad (Grandpa B) with Cameron, Spring 2007