Monday "Coffee"

Ok, it's not caffeinated, but here's a little Sieh baby cuteness to get your week started.

Elly scoots! And isn't she just adorable in nothing but a diaper? She is quite good at saying "Ma Ma," but of course as I recorded, decided to declare "Ba Ba" instead.

Caleb's brother and his family visited this weekend. They are so much fun, and the kiddos have a ball together. This is Cameron and cousin Malachi ready for church. They're only two weeks apart in age...buds for life.

Drink up! ;) I needed
lots of real coffee this morning, how about you?! Have a blessed week!

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Janel said...

Is it just me, or do Cameron & Malachi look A LOT alike? Or is it just in this particular picure? They definitely have similar features of the face!