When Your Husband Is A Sports Fan...

...Your toddler mysteriously knows that pitchers and catchers report for spring training in two weeks.

...He turns your daughter's hair into Pat Riley's...and thinks it's funny.

...You notice the DVR is suddenly filling up with NFL Pre-Draft shows and information. Internet browsers are left on NFL Draft prediction pages. You think, gee, I bet the draft isn't even happening for a couple more weeks! This conversation ensues:

me: You really like the NFL draft, huh?
husband: Why do you say that?
me: There have been four draft shows recorded in the past 24 hours.
husband: Yeah, I guess I do love it.
me: (Thinking, I know the draft has gotta be more than a week away -- I know I'm in for more of this) So just how long is it until the draft?
husband: Not gonna answer.
me: I need to know how much more of this I'm in for.
husband: It's in April.
me: *gasp*

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nathan.kemper said...

It could be worse...

Matt Johnson once bought a new t.v. so we could watch the draft on it.