A Short List

The list is short...it's something I've not experienced up to this point. I'm talking about the scant selection of foods my Elly will eat. She's exceedingly picky, something Cameron NEVER was. She would eat anything I shoveled out of a baby food jar a mere two months ago, but now the diva has returned! :)

Here's the synopsis:
bread (at least it's wheat)
mac n' cheese
graham crackers
turkey (lunchmeat variety)
tortillas (only when filled with cheese)
baby cereal mixed with juice
peaches (only sometimes)

If I would've posted this same type of thing when Cam was starting table foods, the list could've gone on for miles. Now I'm finally experiencing the (probably more typical) toddler liking "white" foods only. Notice, no veggies on that list, only two fruits. I try, she gags.

Ah well, persistence, persistence. She'll have to learn to like more than this, or she won't survive in this house (I am so thankful my parents made me a well-rounded eater, and I pray I'll be able to do the same for my children). Hopefully it's just a jag. Here's the snacking Miss E herself:

Being choosy, yet strangely irresistible at the same time...


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Elly sounds a lot like Toby at that age. He was such a picky eater and still is a little. BUT I have finally gotten him to eat mixed veggies!!! So once a day we are eating our mixed veggies! keep trying to get her to eat them and one day she will surprise you! :)