I am a sucker for TV shows, magazines, websites, etc. when they feature their "Top Ten Must-Haves" or "Best of the Year," or "Our Favorite Things," etc., etc., etc. I'm not sure why, but I just love seeing what other people love! I was thinking this morning what the "must-haves" in our household are.

Here are a few I came up with (these center mostly around our children...):

Huggies diapers: Since my babies tend to be of the tall(ish), skinny variety, I need a diaper that compensates for length and fastens tight. It drives me nuts that Pampers and Huggies have a corner on the diaper market and can charge almost double what the generics cost, but they really are worth it (and sales and coupons help). Cam and Elly both use these for overnight to avoid wet sheets, and I almost always have Pampers/Huggies for them until they're done nursing. All you mamas who've changed a breastfed diaper know why you need them to be as leak-proof as possible! :) Cam uses generic during the day, but only Huggies for us at night!

Texas Toast croutons: I am a crouton lover! It's strange, but since college I simply cannot have a salad without a tasty crouton to top it off. These are the BEST. They come in a variety of flavors, but my favorite is Cheese & Garlic. They're big, crunchy, and soooo flavorful. Try them, you'll love 'em! (Super Target just started carrying these!)

Suavitel fabric softener:
Detergent comes and goes (whatever is on sale ends up here), but I get the econo-jug of Suavitel from Sam's Club, because I L-O-V-E the smell. I really enjoy clothes that smell "just washed" for weeks and weeks, and this does the trick. Yum.

Carter's onesies:
Again on the tall baby point: until 12 months, my babies wear a lot of onesies. The Carter's brand are cute, durable and nice and long. It seems that some other brands get too short too fast, and others were always too wide for Cameron. I'm pretty sure we have more babies to come, and I know that these onesies are an investment that younger siblings can re-wear.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion: It works for the Sieh 4's skin woes (We've all got very dry skin, mine especially made worse by cold weather and constant diaper changes). We have a bottle in the bathroom and I use it after every wash. Plus, it's unscented as not to offend the men of the house :) Reasonably-priced and great quality.

JIF peanut butter:
There's nothing like it. I know, I know I'm going to find some Skippy-lovers and Peter Pan-pushers, but I'm a JIF mom for life. Choosy moms choose JIF. ;)

Pace picante sauce:
I'll take a shortcut and buy generic if it's in a recipe...and if I have extra time I'll make homemade...but for setting out with chips, Pace picante sauce is our absolute favorite.

Asics running shoes: With two kiddies around the house, a new pair of running shoes is definitely a luxury, but when I do renew my kicks (and I find that my joints will tell me when it's time), I won't change my tradition. Ever since my freshman year of cross country, I've been an Asics DS Trainer girl. I've had almost every color (white/fill in the blank) you can imagine, as I used to buy two a year. There's something so fun about getting a brand new pair! The good part is, I don't have to fret about the decision, I just ask for my size!

Just a few of my must-haves! As you might have guessed, I'd love to know...what are yours?


Claessens Family said...

I agree with you that there is NOTHING better than brand new pair of running shoes!! Although, I'm a Nike girl! :)

Alicia Marie said...

i completely agree with the Carter's onesies. I like their pants as well. They are the only pants that fit Jack in the waist AND the length. I found a pair i liked and bought two other sizes!
I am sold out Pampers girl and the money you save breastfeeding more than compensates for the price of diapers.
Another of the top favs is caribou coffee. They dont have them here in VA, but i stock up.

Janel said...

I just discovered GAIN laundry detergent. It has a W O N D E R F U L scent! JJ picked it out one day cause his fav color is green, and I went with it. I can pull a t-shirt out of the drawer that was washed a week ago and it still smells great! YAY!

John said...

Hear hear on the asics. I've owned more pairs of Gel Cumulus than most people have of underwear. My peanut butter is skippy natural all the way. I pretty much live off of that, aldis wheat bread, and whatever honey is the cheapest. My other must-have is pasta. I have to eat it at least once every week or I get strange. I sometimes eat it 7 days out of the week.

Rae Nolt said...

A must have for me is MAC eye makeup. I LOVE that is stays on ALL DAY.

Also...I love 100 cal. Lorna Doones LOVE THEM!

GAP Long and lean jeans...OH how I love them!