So Manny And His Sidekick

Did the title of this post confuse you? :) Cameron is a faithful viewer of the Mickey Mouse Club and Little Einsteins on the Disney channel...but one show he hasn't latched onto is Handy Manny. It's on before or after some of the shows we have DVRed, so he sees the intro and hears the song. Caleb frequently comes home from work with a pen behind his ear, and somehow Cameron remembers that Manny does the same thing!

I'm quite sure he can say "handy manny," but for whatever reason, he chooses to say "so manny," probably because he hears the expression "so many" fairly often. Anyway, it's one of those Cameronisms that I really don't want to correct because it's quite precious. Whenever he finds a pen, he asks for help putting it behind his ear and the transformation happens. I caught it on video yesterday! :)

In other news, Elly is a full-force crawler! It took her a matter of weeks to go from army crawling and scooting to getting up on her hands and knees and really moving! This has a lot to do with her personality, and I expect walking is not far off for us. She's already trying to pull up on the furniture! Go Ells!!

Cam couldn't resist making an appearance in this video, too...

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!