We Are Family

In 2008, both sides of our extended families updated their family pictures. It's funny how quickly pictures can become inaccurate...both the Siehs and Beichleys have or will have new family members before 2009 is over! Just wanted to share a few pictures of our wonderful families who we love so much!

The Sieh 18 (baby Isabella was in Yanury's tummy!) Seven grandkids and counting...Eric and Sarah are expecting in August! This was taken on July 6, 2008, in the heart of Elly's colicious days. Just look at her! My, how we've changed even since then! Left to right, front row and back, we are: 1.) Ashton, Cameron, Adrien, Jocelyn, 2.) Ashley, Yanury, Mom (Liz), Dad (Rodger), Michelle, 3.) Josh, Eric, Malachi, Ryan, Elly, Caleb, 4.) Sarah & Kristina.

The Beichley clan. This was taken the day before Thanksgiving 2008. My siblings and parents are all quite photogenic, so I was happy that our family cooperated and was all looking at the camera (Elly is even quite pleasant...not a smile, but let's take what we can get!) Laura marries Brett on June 6, so that's when this pic becomes obsolete! Left to right we are: Michelle, Elly, Caleb, Cameron, Dad (Randy), Jay, Mom (Susan), Sonya & Laura.

The Sieh girls. My lovely sisters- and mom-in-law. This was the day when my precious niece asked me if I had another baby in my tummy. Ouch.

The Beichley sibs. Can you see the resemblance? :) There were a few versions of this pic, one where we're holding my brother Jay up (and I am struggling mightily) as he lay across our arms. They're pretty hilarious. Another nice memory...Jay forgot his picture attire at college so he's wearing a shirt borrowed from my father-in-law and pants and shoes from a generous friend!


The Arnold Family said...

Aww cute pics!!! I LOVE seeing people's family pics. And you looked great....I have been asked the "baby in the belly" question, but I really deserved it! Haha.

Janel said...

Thanks for sharing these. I LOVE FAMILY PICTURES! However, Jake does not share my love of trying to get that perfect shot with everyone smiling!

Jamie E said...

Hey-I had a "friend" tell me her husband thought they forgot a twin after my emergency c-section with Jon....THERE'S an ouch. Yeah, I don't hang out with her anymore.